Last Fall (2019) Hancock and Moore rolled out a new line of beds under their Your Way Program. I haven't seen them as I didn't go to the last market due to a broken ankle. However, they look really good and you can order them as just a headboard (and use a metal frame) or as a complete bed adding on the footboard, which includes the side rails in leather as well. Here's the Gigi model in King size, with Premium Antique Silver Wood finish. You can get the wood done in either Maple or Oak, same price. I'd go maple for any kind of painted, close-grained finish.

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Attachment is often an issue with beds like this. The headboard is heavy, so it requires a solid attachment point to the frame, which is why I personally favor their entire bed ordered together instead of just the headboard and bolt to your own frame. H&M did a video in assembly, this shows how solid the attachment points are for the combination. I like it.

I will get one of these as a floor model once business returns back to normal.