My store is normally closed on all Sundays and Mondays, however due to the fact that Hancock and Moore and Maitland Smith rolled out a "Snap Sale" via email of 5% off for Memorial Day Weekend and it ends Tuesday the 26th, I thought it would be good to be in the store this Monday.

If you want to take advantage of the sale period but don't know exactly what cover (leather or fabric) that you want, you can place the order using your best guess so we can put something in the system, then I can use a delay tactic by specifying "Cutting For Approval" on the order (CFA) which means the order will not go into production until YOU approve a sample of the cover. This locks down your order on paper, and gives you several weeks to make final decisions on H&M,, or in the case of Maitland Smith, issue a DO NOT SHIP until xxxx date on the order.