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Thread: Replacement sleeper mechanism?

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    I own a West Elm sleeper sofa (yes, I know, terrible quality but I already own it) that was damaged in a recent move. The sleeper mechanism is bent and two of the rivets are broken. The sofa lives in our office and doesn't get used much, so I'd like to replace the sleeper mechanism, if I can, rather than spend the money on a new sofa. I reached out to West Elm to see if they could tell me the manufacturer, but they don't use this mechanism anymore and haven't been able to help at all. The mechanism is the kind where the cushions are attached and once the mattress is unfolded, the cushions are under the deck. Neither L&P or Hancock (the only replacement manufacturers I could find) have this feature. I've found a few similar (Palliser, for example) but I don't know where to buy them. Do you have any suggestions on where to purchase a replacement of this type?

    In case it's helpful, the sofa was manufactured by Natuzzi. The mechanism has no manufacturer on it. The only sticker on it says:
    CODICE: 1730001203
    RETE TR.L160 N. VX+MOL V3 2784
    Production Date: 2016-03-30

    Video of how the mechanism operates:

    Thank you!

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    If the manufacturer can't help you its doubtful you will be able to find a replacement.
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