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    Hello furniture hive mind!

    Id like to get your opinions on Simply Amish dining room furniture - in particular, the MaRyan set ( Were looking at the Franklin Trestle Table with Butterfly Leaves ($3600+ depending on wood, with these chairs ($600+ depending on wood, and three door cabinet ($5000+ depending on wood,

    Ive read this forum enough to know that there is nothing magical about Amish furniture, per se, but we do like the style of this collection. These would be major purchases for our family, so I want to get it right! Are these good value or are there better quality options at that price point?

    Thank you!!

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    i don't know enough about this company one way or another to render an opinion on it. Prices are about right for USA-made furniture. If you like the pieces and the joinery is sound (which it appears to be, but I can't really tell for sure) then you are probably good to go.

    I have a few pieces in my store from this Amish company, and I think they overbuild most everything. It weighs a ton and is likely to survive everything short of a full house fire. They show in a small space at the High Point Market and the women are the back corner knitting with their Amish bonnets on while the men talk to the dealers such as me.

    Amish furniture is usually solid, stout, can't hurt it, but not the most stylish.
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