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Thread: Questions about care for Hancock & Moore Scout Clove leather

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    Question Questions about care for Hancock & Moore Scout Clove leather

    Hi all,

    My partner and I recently purchased a Hancock and Moore sofa for our first home. We got a Simone sofa with a walnut finish and Scout Clove leather (photo album on Imgur). We absolutely love this couch. It's incredibly comfortable, the leather feels and looks amazing, everything about it is perfect.

    I do have a few questions about the leather. My first question is about cleaning and conditioning the leather itself. The Scout Clove leather is a class 2 unprotected leather. The H&M website describes it as "a full top grain unprotected "pull-up" leather with excessive hide markings and color variations to enhance its distressed natural appearance. Scout has no protective finish." According to the stickied thread, I should use Leather Solutions cleaner, softener, and protector in that order roughly every 6 months. Is that still the best way to take care of this leather? And if anyone can confirm - despite the description on the H&M site, Scout Clove is not actually a pull up leather but an unprotected aniline, no wax or anything, correct? I found this thread from a few years back in which scout leather is discussed and it sounds like it just needs the aniline kit, but if anyone could confirm that would be fantastic.

    My other question is about dusting and vacuuming. We don't eat on our couch so crumbs are not a major concern, but our apartment gets dusty quickly. I used to just vacuum our old fabric-upholstered cheapo couches without any special nozzle whenever I vacuumed, but I obviously don't want to do that and scratch up the couch. Does anyone have recommendations for a vacuum nozzle with soft bristles that are safe for gently vacuuming a leather couch? I still plan to mainly dust it with a microfiber cloth but it's probably going to need an occasional deep cleaning with a vacuum, especially the tufting as that can collect dust in the folds of the leather.

    Beyond that, I'm just generally curious to know if anyone has insight into how this leather will age over time. Thanks to this forum in general, it was a huge help in even discovering this brand and this level of furniture.

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    Scout Clove is a very light Pull-Up hide, not like the classic Italian pull-ups. You can certainly use the Aniline kit, and *may* benefit from the Pull up Kit that has oil and wax cremes in it. I can't tell you for sure.
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    Thanks for the reply! That's good to know, I will start with the Aniline kit to keep it simple and see how it

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