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Thread: Why don't cushions last as long as they used to?

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    Default Why don't cushions last as long as they used to?

    In my business I am constantly hearing from people who complain that their previous sofa only lasted last 3 - 5 years. Usually, the reason is that the seat cushions have worn out (and are not worth replacing.)

    Flexsteel, LaZBoy, Ashley and their competitors all use 1.8 density foam in their standard seat cushions. This is what is lasting only 3 - 5 years.

    I also hear from people who purchased Flexsteel or LaZBoy 15 - 30 years ago. Most of those people say that their seat cushions lasted 10 - 15 years. I'm pretty sure that those cushions were also 1.8 density foam.

    My question is: What has changed in cushion construction over the past 15 years so that seat cushions are breaking down so much sooner?

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    Default Re: Why don't cushions last as long as they used to?

    I don't believe the cushion construction is the same. Even if we assume it is, then the two variables are probably amount of use (people sitting on them more with a more sedentary lifestyle that has become the typical American since widespread internet engagement) and weight. Since 1980 the average adult weight for Americans has gone up about 25 pounds, male or female. This is a 15% increase and cushion density would have to have an equivalent increase to offset right?

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    Default Re: Why don't cushions last as long as they used to?

    Higher density cores cost more money is why. Think of cushion density as the amount of foam material put into a given area. Lower density is more air, less product. Kind of like good bread vs cheap bread. Good foam is expensive and cranks up the cost of the build. I find I personally can get 14 to 16 years out of a set of seat cores, but I only buy premium upholstery. I am always amazed that Hancock and Moore will send out free seat and back cores at no charge to the original customer upon request. I have run a across a few customers that request new cores every year and those are NOT worn out, it's impossible. They are soon curtailed however, as abuse of that perk can mean they will end it for everyone.
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