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Thread: I can do quick distance deliveries on in-stock product

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    Default I can do quick distance deliveries on in-stock product

    In the past month I have done two distance deliveries for customers who wanted something as soon as possible and didn't want to wait three months to build and receive. I had one of my deliver guys run three pieces out to Michigan (9 hours away) and more recently to Pennsylvania (3 + hours away). I have a Ford Transit 150 that is less costly to run than my larger diesel truck and just send one man, who will either garage drop or bring into your home if you can supply lifting assistance to do so. The rate is $ 100 per hour outbound from my store. So 3 hours is $ 300, 9 hours is $ 900. Some trips have toll road surcharges. Considering that White Glove Services such as Sun Delivery charge $ 450 to deliver a sofa into PA, that rate is not too bad. A second man can be added, however that's an additional $ 60 per hour outbound added.

    Now, I know the next question is going to be - "Where can I see all your current inventory on-Line?" The answer is "you cannot", nor can I email photos of everything, that would take all day. But if you are looking for a few things to get quickly, I can see what might be in stock if you can give me some idea of what you are looking for.
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