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Thread: The Owl and the Crows

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    Default The Owl and the Crows

    This beautiful owl was on our front sidewalk early this morning, being attacked by a mob of Crows. We live in a natural wooded area on five acres so having wildlife in and near the house is very common. I was in the shower and my wife Jennifer ran to the basement, got a big box and placed it over the Owl to keep it from being pecked to death by the Crows.

    The Owl was wounded, sick or stunned, he* just kept falling forward. I took the box off just long enough to get this photo, then put it back over the owl as the Crows were circling overhead. We called Fairfax County Animal Control and Wildlife Preservation and an Office came and picked him up, and said "He'll be alright, he probably flew into the ground and misjudged*his angle of attack with the snow on the ground, nothing appears broken, just a good stun"* And took him off in his truck. What a gorgeous creature. Hope he/she makes it to hunt another day.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: The Owl and the Crows

    Wow beatiful bird! I am so glad you likely saved him. Good job and good thinking to your wife!

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    Great story and gorgeous creature! Thank you for sharing that and the photo.

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