The orders keep piling in, and if my store is getting 4x the normal amount of upholstery orders, others are too. The industry is overwhelmed with orders and no matter whom you order from I can guarantee you the following:

1) No one can give you an accurate time estimate to completion. No one. Not any dealer, not any manufacturer. Foam shortages due to the Texas storms has put every USA-maker on allocations, and there is a LOT of foam in domestic upholstery builds. So the correct answer is "It gets here when it gets here", and personally I would allow for 6 months from date of order and you may get lucky and get it sooner. No amount of "pushing" on your part is going to accelerate your time frame, sorry. If you need/want something sooner, buy it off the floor.

2) All sale periods are pretty much gone. They don't need the extra business. Us dealers can't even get special floor model promotions right now. Some manufacturers have put a moratorium on new orders.

3) Container ships have long lead times, so imported product is taking much - much longer to arrive.

4) Delivery and Shipping Quotes have to be estimates only, Rates are likely to be different by the time your special order is completed.

It's frustrating for all involved, you as the customer and me as the selling dealer, and for the manufacturer who can't get the supply chain parts as quick as they would like. Patience is the key. Whatever you do, PLEASE think twice about cancelling an existing order you may have because the "new" dealer you spoke on the phone with promised you a shorter delivery time if you would switch your order to them. They can't make good on that promise and all that really happens is you start again at the back of what is an already very long line.