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    Default Taylor King Sofa Selection

    I have been trying to decide which sofa and loveseat to select for a narrow living room/family room. I have been analyzing dimensions of Taylor King sofas as I like the construction and reputation of the brand, but I cannot find one that fits outside dimensions with the inside I THINK might be most comfortable.

    I currently have a sofa and loveseat combination and must replace a recliner my husband insists on. I contemplated a sectional, but understand I would need a low back and arms as not to overwhelm the room (I did that once and am terrified to invest in another mistake). Room and Board has a style and scale I THINK could work on a sectional, but I do not want to make such a large investment on their product when it is not 8-way hand tied, so I want to stick with Taylor King.

    I keep reading in other places that sofa and loveseat combinations are a decorating no no, but I cannot fit 2 sofas in the room and we do not like the sofa and 2 chair combination (so far) for our lounging needs. To keep the room with a more open feel, should I go with the sofa and loveseat or keep the furniture more minimal with the sectional?

    TK Troy sofa appears to have a modern look with a height of 35 inches, but the inside seat depth is 21.5" (although overall depth is 40") and I think I'd like a 23" inside depth. It is also 85.5" long which is a bit too long. They do offer a 59.5" loveseat, however. I am trying to find out if it would be possible to customize the sofa to be shorter in width and if that will bring the price up.

    So questions are:
    sofa and loveseat or sectional?
    Is a 21.5 inside seat depth too shallow for lounging?
    Can I customize width without incurring additional cost?

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    Default Re: Taylor King Sofa Selection

    I sell sofa/ loveseat combos all the time, it’s quite common and they typically will cost less than a sectional as well. You can adapt pieces more readily with sofa / loveseat as well.

    21.5” depth is average. Good middle ground for sitting and lounging.

    Customs always have an upcharge. At a minimum 20%
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