From my mother's estate, she was an antique rug collector and had several. Admittedly I know very little about antique oriental carpets, so I sent three of them to Peter Pap for evaluation, he's one of the top experts in the country. He professionally cleaned all three at his facility and bought two of the three. This one he said did not meet his criteria for his store and sent it back with this note to me:



The rug is a c. 1900 Serapi but it has a lot of repair and “touch up”, which is a process of coloring exposed warps and wefts with ink to disguise the wear. There are many dealers who have no compunction about selling them. As far as pricing, perhaps you can look at comparable pieces on eBay ? Maybe $4000?

Peter Pap
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs Inc. Since 1976
Dublin, NH


$ 3,000 firm for forum members. Can be shipped UPS. Fully refundable less shipping if you are not happy with it - 10 days return.

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