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Thread: 2010 Austin. Sofa

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    There's a 2010 austin sofa 2 hours away for 1000. It's cacelier oxblood in really good condition trying to decide if I should buy or just get what I want new any imput?

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    ginamc8 -- you said it in your post...."should I buy it or get what I want"......why would you spend 1000 bucks on something you do not want? It is always worth waiting for what you want when a substantial amount of time, money or sweat is involved.

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    I assume it is a leather sofa? How good is the condition of the leather and the other material? Do you have any pictures of the sofa you can share with us? I think you can still find better price for an austin sofa in the market so I'd say don't panic-buy. I wanted to buy one for my (removed)but later I found a Warrick which was way more cheaper. So I'd suggest just wait for something you will really like.
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