We brought all this new furniture in last week including three wine display pieces, and had nothing to prop them with. I told Sarah we have to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy some cheap wine and highball glasses.

She said "No Dad, let me go to Goodwill, they have tons of them at a buck apiece, I guarantee it."

Well, the Goodwill store is a mile away, so I went there and she was right. I picked up about (24) glasses for props, all .99 each. These really caught my eye, and they had the labels on them still, never used. Lumicarc from France, turns out they are collectibles from the 1980's and worth about $ 28 each. Plus they coordinate nicely with the black window frames on this Jonathan Charles piece. Then it was off to Costco to by 6 bottles of the cheapest wine they had with a cork in it, also for store props.

You do learn stuff from your kids!

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