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    I think one of the most rewarding part of being a parent is when your adult children finally realize how hard you worked to make a home all those years! From my daughter Sarah today, who was doing emails from home due to the snow. I laughed at the last line.... - Duane

    Here is a recap of the orders that I worked on today lots of moving parts.

    YATES #1662

    HELLER #1661

    MOFFET #1660

    BRUNS #1656

    Smith - #1663

    Giese - #1664

    Braun - #1666

    Albetski - #1665

    Will work on getting all of those pending orders closed up first thing tomorrow.

    How did you do all of this by yourself before????
    Duane Collie
    Straight answers from thirty-six years in the business.
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    Sara was Awesome!

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