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  1. Slipcover or Buy New?
  2. Opinion Needed: Hancock and Moore Reupholster
  3. Are framing repairs possible?
  4. Cochrane Furniture worth of recovering?
  5. Bhunt
  6. Scotchguard?
  7. What are my options?
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  9. I Scratched Our H & M Chair!
  10. Bradington Young reclining mechanism
  11. Hancock and Moore Recliner Mechanism
  12. Cleaning horse-hair sofa
  13. horse hair chairs
  14. Restoration - Water Damage
  15. DIY nailhead trim repair
  16. How to fix a carved knuckle on a Chippendale Chair
  17. Liquid Sandpaper???
  18. Lubricating Squeaky Recliner
  19. An unhelpful store
  20. Help With Sun Damage
  21. Spots from UV Protector
  22. Need Help With Outdoor Upholstered Furniture Restoration
  23. Putting your feet on the couch arms
  24. Reupholstering Clayton Marcus sofa
  25. Touch Up Kit from Hancock and Moore
  26. Reinserting drawer with under side center slide
  27. How hard is it to dye leather?
  28. Where to Buy New Sofa Cores
  29. Recovering Cushions on H&M
  30. Broken Pull cord
  31. H & M sofa - Can we change the stuffing?
  32. Cat scratch fever on leather recliners
  33. How to tell if furniture is good enough quality to reupholster?
  34. Help! Glass panel replacement?
  35. Repair of tear on H & M leather recliner
  36. Help me find a drawer slide that will fit my file drawer
  37. Hair oil stain on my hancock and moore
  38. H&M Judges Chair Leather Damage
  39. Worthwhile to reupholster a Baker couch?
  40. Problems with Henredon Cushions
  41. Grandmothers Furniture
  42. can not find a slip cover for this loveseat or ottoman!?
  43. What to do with all those brand new cushions???
  44. Hancock & Moore recliner problem! Please help!!
  45. Recommendations for a wet dry vac
  46. Cushion replacement questions
  47. Padded or cushion covering for a wooden armrest
  48. Where do you buy your seat cushions?
  49. H&M Austin High Back sofa - am I getting in over my head?
  50. Damaged Councill Dining Table top
  51. Sherrill Sectional - keep it?
  52. Broken B-Y recliner mechanism
  53. Help! Cushions on Viewpoint Leather Works sofa and chair will not stay in place!!
  54. Bradington-Young recliner footrest spring
  55. hancock & moore recliner mechanism
  56. New cushions for sofa?
  57. H&M recliner mechanism issue
  58. Replacement Cushions - Prairie Chair
  59. H&M leather maintenance
  60. Wax pull-up leather care.
  61. Reupholster B-Y sofa, loveseat, chair/ottoman?
  62. Panicking - damage to waxy pull-up
  63. Replace cushions or replace sofa?
  64. Sliding off the sofa
  65. Hancock & Moore sofa repair
  66. Question about Ultra Down Seat Cushion Core
  67. Methods to keep sun from fading leather
  68. Worn or damaged leather question with picture
  69. Help me do this thing myself please
  70. Leather dye/touch up
  71. Is this leather salvageable? Is it even leather?
  72. Just curious...
  73. How can I improvise a lining for this chair's springs
  74. BY Seat Cushion Options?
  75. Need help with spring poking out back of leather couch.
  76. Office chair broke
  77. Reupholstering help
  78. Crypton Everything
  79. Smooth out leather wrinkles & conditioning question
  80. 60's Dentist chair??
  81. Ballpoint pen on leather
  82. What is this type of sofa spring called
  83. H&M Cushions
  84. recliner footrest closing and tilting
  85. need small springs for Barcalounger
  86. Hancock & Moore Austin Tilt Back #2032NB
  87. Flexsteel blue steel springs repair
  88. Best Chairs, Inc. recliner reupholster
  89. Ultra Mek Mechanism issue: ottoman support in "tv recline" barely stays up
  90. Quality Recliner
  91. Scotch guard & warranty
  92. How was this bench upholstered?
  93. Recliner Footrest Rubbing on Mechanism - Big Deal or Not?
  94. Reclining sofa back does not align??
  95. Hancock & Moore Leather Restoration on head rest
  96. Is it Antiqued or Dirty?
  97. Hancock and Moore Recliner
  98. Bradington Young Cushions
  99. Hancock & Moore executive chair
  100. Leather Slipcover.
  101. Hancock and Moore Repair and Construction Questions
  102. Hancock and Moore mechanism replacement
  103. Hole in arm of leather Hancock & Moore Chair
  104. H&M lounger: springdeck problem
  105. Deteriorated Bradington Young back cushion
  106. H&M Executive Chair Swivel Mechanism Broke
  107. new leather wear, scratch, stain?
  108. How to access to the mechanism in a Hancock & Moore recliner
  109. Water Mark from vomit
  110. Duane, need your recommendation. :)
  111. Hancock & Moore Tufting Repair Needed
  112. Advice on Leather cleaner/conditioner
  113. Applying Leather Solutions Intl kit
  114. Removing Bradington Young leather recliner back
  115. Bradington Young Recliner
  116. How to get replacement leather seat cushion covers for Hancock and Moore couches
  117. How do i know which of my 2 couches is better furniture for reapolstering?
  118. New Cushion & Cushion Fabric Cover Taylor King After Pet Stain
  119. Help! Advice needed on restoring this piece
  120. Do I need a new recliner mechanism?
  121. having shoulder surgery- need recliner
  122. Recliner Mechanism Replacement
  123. How to tell if just need new cushion core or deck/springs are worn out?
  124. Back Panel Removal: 2032NB Austin Tilt Back
  125. Older unknown Braddington Young recliner with broken reclining mechanism
  126. Seat cushions and worn spring
  127. Recliner won't stay back
  128. B-Y Recliner Arm ReUpholstering AND Disassembly (I know, I'm pushing it...)
  129. Executive office chair wobble
  130. Hancock and Moore sleep sofa mattress replacement
  131. Bradington- Young Conversion
  132. Need recommendation for Leather Technician/Restoration Service in Upstate NY
  133. Movers damaged my B-Y sofa
  134. Lane Recliner - Tilt Back Tension Adjustment?
  135. Used (but comfy) Bradington Young Recliners
  136. Natuzzi recliner won't fully recline unless you maintain pressure
  137. Inherited H&M Club Chair & Ottoman - CAN THEY BE SAVED?
  138. Spring
  139. Hancock and Moore recliner
  140. Raise seat?
  141. Looking for potential replacement parts for a chair
  142. IKEA Stockholm Vinyl Wrap & Restoration
  143. Hancock and Moore Refurbishment--no warranty
  144. H & M Journey Recliner Cushions
  145. Permanent Ink/ Sharpie / Magic Marker on leather
  146. small table repair in ashburn area
  147. Wood Surface Repair
  148. Hancock and Moore Mechanism
  149. Afternoon Furniture Painting Project
  150. Replacement sleeper mechanism?
  151. In need of a Restoration Hardware Cushion Fill Replacement
  152. Parts Diagram for La-Z-Boy Power Recliner
  153. Disaster at DSL/Jot Furniture Manufacturing Inc. in Toronto
  154. Gas Strut for Hancock and Moore
  155. Replacement lever for Austin power recliner
  156. H&M Oakley desk chair seat cushion sagging - replace?
  157. Upholstery Fabric Store recommendations
  158. Lexington Tommy Bahama Rattan Chairs good??
  159. leather sofa covered in tiny cat scratches
  160. 8 way hand tie
  161. Hancock and Moore sofa repair
  162. Natuzzi Recliner and seat cushion issue
  163. Hancock & Moore cushion replacement and cat pee removal off of leather
  164. Bradington Young Gas Cylinders
  165. Bradington Young Sofa Cushion replacement or ?
  166. H&M Power Recliner Motor Cost
  167. Jammed mechanism
  168. Natuzzi Italia Ottoman Frame broke
  169. Repair Options for H&M Sectional Alligator Clip
  170. Bradington-Young Velcro Ripping Sofa Back
  171. Bradington Young wall hugger - glide mechanism
  172. Alternative to down rear cushions?
  173. Hancock and Moore Sundance Loveseat Sectional Repairable?
  174. Best way to repair a small rip
  175. Bradington Young Recliner
  176. Woodbridge Furniture Maintenance
  177. Stickley Chair Evaluation
  178. Looking for couch's power recliner motor