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  1. Basics
  2. Overwhelmed
  3. Is is a mistake to buy 100% polyester?
  4. New Member (Thank You for Site!)Question - Sofa!
  5. Four Seasons slipcovered furniture
  6. Clayton Marcus, Jetton and Kincaid
  7. Drexel/Huntington House?
  8. Stickley Furniture - Is it possible to buy out of state
  9. Fabric Content
  10. Flexsteel Question
  11. Hickory Fry?
  12. Wesley Hall vs. H&M upholstery
  13. Jessica Charles Upholstery
  14. Jessica Charles
  15. Sleeper Sofas
  16. Harden furniture
  17. Static electricity from Microfiber?
  18. Sherrill Buy Of The Day
  19. vanguard sofa
  20. A microfiber that really cleans up.
  21. Swivel vs Stationary
  22. Looking for Pink Chair
  23. Franklin Recliner
  24. Re: Vista sofa or Highlands sofa
  25. Upholstered H&M City Sectional
  26. Microsuede v. Ultrasuede or Fabric?
  27. Any recommendations for Upholstery workrooms/shops in suburban Philadelphia?
  28. Sherrill v. H & M
  29. Cotton/Polyester/Rayon Blend
  30. Foam or Innerspring (Marshall Unit) Cushions?
  31. CL listing - wingback chair
  32. Anyone know about Thayer Coggin?
  33. Sofa, loveseat & 2 swivel chairs...
  34. Anyone know John Charles Contemporary?
  35. Masterfield Furniture?
  36. Starter Sofa Brands
  37. Bench Made
  38. Taylor King
  39. OMG H&M September Overpowered Den Need sectional help
  40. Are Bradington-Young and Hancock & Moore realistic options
  41. I've fallen in love with this style chair--what is it?
  42. Henredon or C.R. Laine?
  43. Help purchasing sofa and loveseat
  44. Fabric upholstered cocktail ottoman
  45. I need fabric advice
  46. Fabric Durability for a Sofa
  47. Michael Thomas
  48. Cochrane?
  49. How Best to Clean Upholstered Pieces?
  50. Anyone Have an Opinion on Hitchcock Upholstered Pieces?
  51. Bradington-Young #3828 Barrister
  52. H & M Rugby recliners
  53. Hancock and Moore Town and Country Fabric List 2010
  54. Century Furniture
  55. New member with questions
  56. Taylor King Cozy Creations
  57. Flexsteel quality
  58. New Member gone nuts
  59. Anyone know of Halligan furniture?
  60. Choosing a Fabric Sectional
  61. another query on fabric choice for sofa: wrinkles
  62. Should a COM sofa cost me as much as a leather sofa before I pay for the fabric?
  63. $2K Sofa for a family with a cat?
  64. To Scotchguard or not
  65. Precedent Contemporary Upholstery?
  66. H&M Evening Sofa and customization questions
  67. New recliner chair on it's way
  68. "Key Elements for Best Construction" Manufacturer recommendations
  69. Style of most comfortable Jessica Charles swivels to best complement City Sofa in CM?
  70. Microfibre 24/7 vs. Sunbrella
  71. Taylor King fabric grades
  72. Kincaid
  73. Dog friendly upholstery - Does it really exist?
  74. Taylor King "Snooze Box"
  75. What is the Best Made Upholstered Sofa
  76. Experience with Lee Furniture
  77. Kashmira by Flexsteel?
  78. Upholstered recliner choices
  79. Southern Furniture -- Is it U.S. Made?
  80. Dexter Sofa
  81. Kings Road by Taylor King, Clayton Marcus or Next Generations by Harden
  82. Slipcover Sofa Options?
  83. Need your input on brand
  84. Bernhardt vs Hancock & Moore
  85. Help me with sofa choices...
  86. Microfibre 24/7...where to buy?
  87. Flexsteel fabric sofa
  88. Flexsteel fabric sofa vs king hickory
  89. Made In China - Lets take it apart
  90. Fabric selection help, the look, brand and blend
  91. Henredon questions
  92. Best quality sofa - we're considering Henredon, Thomasville, and Drexel-Heritage
  93. Best quality sofa? We're considering Henredon, Thomasville, and Drexel-Heritage
  94. looking for playroom uhpolstered furniture
  95. Hand-tied Coil Springs--Good or No?
  96. We love Taylor King, and are also considering Drexel Hertiage
  97. Taylor King Swiveling Loveseats
  98. Hancock & Moore LUXE chair in fabric Mansfield Chocolate
  99. Getting Ready to Ask for Quote - But One More Question
  100. Teach me about fabric protection
  101. Masterfield, Taylor King, Wesley Hall, Massoud, Smith Brothers - sofa advice
  102. LLBean Ultralight Furniture
  103. Which holds up better with small children, fabric or leather?
  104. Henredon Fireside sofa alternative
  105. Sofa/Chair Upholstery - Welt or No Welt?
  106. Hemp Fabric - Advice Please (Sofa Upholstery)
  107. Linen Fabric for Upholstery
  108. Taylor King Pillow Options
  109. Bradington-Young Fabric Selections
  110. thor larsen ovalia egg chair
  111. Temple Furniture or Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashell
  112. Ordered Taylor King sofa and chair
  113. waterproof/wearproof spray for throne chairs?
  114. Is this even possible?
  115. Good Fabric Living Room Set
  116. Restoration Hardware's New Deconstructed Furniture Line
  117. Upholstered sofa
  118. Fabrics to avoid / go for when selecting a sofa?
  119. Specific Fabric Grade Questions
  120. Quality of Jessica Charles Swivel Rockers
  121. Advice on Bradington-Young Recliners
  122. Help Buying a Couch
  123. Best cushion for Taylor King queen sleeper sofa?
  124. Shopping for sofa and want fabric that will not fuzz
  125. Henredon Fireside Sofa
  126. How to Clean a Sofa
  127. Smith Brothers and Hancock and Moore
  128. Upholstered reclining sectional dilemma
  129. Finding Quality Furniture at a Modest Price Point
  130. Jessica Charles Tufted Brookwood Chair
  131. News on Hancock and Moore upholstered furniture
  132. How to Find and Buy the Best Sofas
  133. Fabric Recliners
  134. Sectional with Cuddler
  135. New Taylor King website
  136. Flexsteel Thornton Fabric Sectional Info
  137. Jessica Charles Stain Resistant Fabric
  138. New Fabric Sofa/Chairs very hard?
  139. Sam Moore Fabric Available?
  140. Help Finding a Wesley Hall Fabric
  141. 8-way hand tied construction vs. Sinuous wire springs
  142. Lee vs Temple, Nylon vs Rayon/Olefin
  143. Taylor King Sofa
  144. Sectional-like sofa + ottoman
  145. H&M Sorenson Sofa
  146. Any info on this pillow?
  147. New sectional sofa hunting
  148. Broyhill - not a good brand?
  149. Baker versus Taylor King
  150. Help upholster my sofa
  151. H & M or Taylor King?
  152. Value Vs Quality Compromise
  153. New to forum - looking for fabric sectional
  154. Need Help Choosing Cushions
  155. Something I did not consider...
  156. Havertys Mary Anne Sofa
  157. 99% decided on this BY Sofa
  158. Love seat & chair: Please advise!
  159. Looking to buy a small sofa or love seat that reclines in fabric
  160. Marge Carson
  161. Decisions Decisions...HELP!!!
  162. Cleaning/Refreshing White Fabric Furniture
  163. Taylor King Portfolio Collection List of Fabrics
  164. Preparing to request a quote
  165. Fabric samples
  166. Sectional Help - Who to Choose
  167. Best Upholstery for Homes with Mischievous Cats?
  168. Need a little advice
  169. Ordering Pillows for a Couch
  170. Fabric Frustration Rant
  171. Taylor King Cushion and Fabrics
  172. Sofa for a big guy
  173. Taylor King "Taylor Made" line
  174. Looking at flexsteel, but want to know what else is in my budget.
  175. Choosing Between Upholstery Fabrics
  176. Help ASAP, upholsterer waiting for fabric ---- Conflicting info on upholstery fabrics
  177. Question on fabric quality
  178. Bauhaus Sofa Cushion
  179. Please Recommend Sofa Manufacturer with LOTS of Sunbrella Options
  180. Question about a Hickory White sofa
  181. Looking for the best quality for the money large fabric sofa for Florida
  182. Help! Need expert advice on foams for sofa cushions
  183. H&M: Is This Crazy?
  184. Need Long Lasting quality furniture - suggestions please
  185. Sectional recommendations
  186. the comfortable couch company out of NC.. Any detail
  187. Seat Cushion
  188. Need Sofa Recommendation that Will Withstand My Children
  189. Help please, furniture shopping is giving me an ulcer.
  190. Tight Back Chairs Comfort Level
  191. Taylor King PRICE INCREASE effective Nov 9, 2015
  192. Quality of sofa manufacturers and fabric
  193. Quality of sofa manufacturers and fabric
  194. Best Sources for Antique Style Fabric - Trying to Match This...
  195. Diy vinyl seat repair
  196. Good upholstered rocking chair?
  197. In the Market for Faux Leather Upholstered Furniture
  198. taylor king fabric name
  199. Microfiber sectional
  200. Need recommendation on reading chairs for bedrooms
  201. Advice on Quality Sectional Manufacturers
  202. Recliner Questions
  203. K431 Chandler Chair
  204. Taylor King Portfolio Question
  205. Taylor King Fabrics
  206. Taylor King Build and Cushions
  207. The Best Sleeper Sofa you can Buy - Taylor King
  208. Jessica Charles Cushion Standards
  209. Who manufactures the best recliner? Help!
  210. Best Home Furnishing Living Room Collection
  211. Coordinating Taylor King Sofa with H&M Chairs
  212. Need help on cusions for Baker sofa
  213. Taylor King Portfolio Fabric List
  214. Taylor King Price increase goes into effect October 10th
  215. Chairs like the Hadley and Lexington Visitor
  216. Joybird - Any idea on quality?
  217. Need help choosing some chairs
  218. Furniture Quality Opinion vs Price for Smith Brothers/Taylor King vs. Bernhardt
  219. Bienal Furniture ... any experience?
  220. Sofa: 95% polyesther, 5% PU...
  221. Sofas for Tall People?
  222. Stuck on fabric blend for new TK sofa
  223. Fabric for lovesac sactionals
  224. Performance Fabrics
  225. Century Sectional Fabric question
  226. TRS Upholstery or King Hickory sofa
  227. Loose Back Cushions or Semi-Attached?
  228. Who Makes a Quality Reclining Sectional Sofa
  229. Taylor King Custom Frame and Cushion Core Choices
  230. Sectionals Similar but with better quality
  231. Century Cornerstone Sectional Quality
  232. Nontoxic sofa?
  233. Maiden Home Aims to Disrupt Custom Furniture With $1,000 Chairs
  234. H&M Town and Country Program - Current Fabric List?
  235. Great Taylor King video on how they make their product
  236. Curious Rubbery Brocade
  237. Sofa and loveseat set that will stand up to potty training for 4k?
  238. Stickley 400 Recliner in 100% Polyester - Question
  239. Fabric on H&M website?
  240. Bench Cushion Sofa
  241. Taylor King Portfolio vs. Taylor King Cozy Creations Slipcovers
  242. Looking for Sofa and Loveseat for $4K
  243. Taylor King Pricing
  244. Brands with Similar Comfort to Taylor King
  245. Need help with down sofa cushions that don't hold their shape.
  246. Scratch resistant + not liquid absorbing
  247. Rayon/Viscose Upholstery Help
  248. How you make a Wing Chair: Hancock and Moore # 9140 Hepworth with custom ottoman
  249. Questions on Taylor King
  250. Does Taylor King offer a sale period?