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  1. Quick scratch/abrasion repair on a burnished leather
  2. Small tear or cut in leather?
  3. Sticky Table Top?
  4. Removing sofa feet/legs
  5. Transporting it yourself
  6. Moving heavy furniture in a room
  7. Steel Wool is your friend
  8. Treat Yourself
  9. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
  10. This may sound silly....but.....
  11. Never push furniture on carpet
  12. Nick or scratch in wood furniture?
  13. "I can't buy it without sitting on it first"
  14. Protected Leathers
  15. Clean-Clean-Clean that leather
  16. Cushions Frumpy?
  17. Always check for Damages BEFORE you sign the paperwork
  18. Hancock and Moore Master Dealer Catalog
  19. If you are a furniture sales rep....
  20. Replacement Gas Cylinders for tilt back chairs
  21. Watch out for Decorators
  22. Delivery Charges
  23. Dimension Accuracy
  24. Bradington-Young web site is revised
  25. Inexpensive Truck Rental
  26. Leather Pillows
  27. When Requesting Samples..
  28. Silver paint on my new Leather furniture!
  29. Squeaky Chair
  30. Diesel fuel prices increase delivery costs
  31. Full Pattern Match
  32. Suspension in Upholstery
  33. When requesting samples....
  34. If you have to remove the legs/feet on a Hancock & Moore piece
  35. The Perfect Storm Coming
  36. Hancock & Moore Chair Giveaway
  37. BNB nails : Hancock & Moore
  38. My Store Closed on 11/08/12
  39. Thinking of buying Hancock & Moore soon?
  40. Black Friday Sale for HANCOCK & MOORE
  41. Sun Delivery Times for the Holidays
  42. Bradington Young : New Price List Effective 12-17-12
  43. Computer Crash
  44. Hancock and Moore Price Increases effective 01/07/13
  45. Merry Christmas to All
  46. Inside The Keeping Room
  47. These past few days....
  48. Bradington Young Furniture - Quality
  49. Cell Phone Camera Shots....
  50. Win a Chair from Bradington Young
  51. Lots of new pieces....
  52. Postage rates now .46 for first class mail
  53. When Requesting Leather Samples....
  54. Keeping Track.....
  55. Leather Shortage
  56. Store Will Be Closed for Spring Break Late March
  57. Apologies to all...
  58. Whew! Made it through the sale period....
  59. Hauling yourself in a pickup truck
  60. Your Jeweler
  61. Changes to Orders - Will now be charges to do so
  62. April 1st changes at my store
  63. Keep Packing Tape away from your Leather furniture
  64. Removing legs from upholstery pieces
  65. My store will be closed on Saturday, May 4th all day
  66. Virginia Sales Tax Increase
  67. Taking photos with your iPhone
  68. Bradington Young behind on sending out samples
  69. Opening late on Friday, May 10th
  70. Hancock & Moore Town and Country Program 2013
  71. Hancock & Moore Price Increase in June?
  72. Bradington Young Price Increase June 2013
  73. Store will be CLOSED on Thursday 06/20/13
  74. Keeping Room Credit Account
  75. Summer vacation at the factories in North Carolina
  76. Trying to catch up....
  77. Last Call on H&M / Jessica Charles orders at current pricing
  78. Taking a Day Off
  79. Tomorrow - July 31st - last day for H&M / Jessica Charles / Council
  80. Quick Delivery Times.....
  81. Leather Inventories
  82. Recliner "Traps"
  83. Store will be closed Friday morning 09/06/13
  84. Store will be closed all day Monday Sept 9th
  85. Down and Feather pillows
  86. If you are looking for something by Christmas....
  87. Request for Pricing Quotes on H&M / Jessica Charles / Councill
  88. Nasty Notes on the Door
  89. New Samples
  90. Williamsburg Lamps and Accessories - CLOSEOUT
  91. Friday November 28th - Closing at 2 p.m.
  92. Hancock & Moore "Black Friday Sale" period announced
  93. H&M Changes
  94. Repairs for Customers done at Cost
  95. Store will be CLOSED December 5th 2013
  96. Wall Hugger Recliners - get them motorized
  97. Hancock & Moore WINNER
  98. Christmas Vacations
  99. Last Day for H&M orders before 01/07/14 Price Increase
  100. Use the Voice Mail feature, please!
  101. Future store opening late and Vacation closing
  102. Closing today due to snowstorm
  103. If I was a betting man......
  104. Price Increase on Bradington Young
  105. Store is CLOSED today due to snowstorm
  106. If you left a message and I did not call you back.....
  107. Busy Place....
  108. Who was looking for custom quote on a H&M Reserve piece? 2" Deeper in GR 3?
  109. Another Winter Storm forecast for Wash DC on Monday 03.03.14
  110. Will be closed Friday Morning 03/07/14 until noon to 1 p.m
  111. Bradington Young Sale Days
  112. Reminder : Store CLOSED for 1 week April 11th through April 18th 2014
  113. Finally got an OK to do this.....
  114. IMPORTANT: Store Hour Changes
  115. Heard on the news today....
  116. Still a bit too busy right now...
  117. Recliner Mechanisms - some tips
  118. Pricing changes and some tips....
  119. Hancock & Moore Price and Program Changes
  120. Price Increase on Bradington Young effective July 14, 2014
  121. Store will be closed Tuesday July 8th & Wednesday July 9th
  122. All the furniture makers are now closed for Summer Vacation
  123. Store Closed September 19th (Friday) through the 22nd (Tuesday)
  124. The H&M Author Chair and Ottoman
  125. Store hours this coming week....
  126. Closed Friday after 12 noon and all day Saturday
  127. Headed to High Point Market tomorrow
  128. Store will be CLOSED on THURSDAY Nov 6th
  129. Stay tuned for a couple of special sale events....
  130. Store Hours over Thanksgiving....
  131. Open Monday Dec 1st.
  132. Holiday Hours
  133. Store will be open tomorrow 12/22/14
  134. Merry Christmas to all...
  135. Before you call me on the phone....
  136. February Sale Period on Hancock & Moore ?
  137. Planning on buying Hancock & Moore during the Winter Sale Period?
  138. New B-Y price list and programs coming out later this month
  139. Snow in Washington DC
  140. Help me to Help You!
  141. Summer Vacation Dates for The Keeping Room
  142. Open on Monday March 2nd
  143. Rolling out a new price quote system
  144. Save your Receipt!
  145. How many Hancock & Moore pieces does your dealer display?
  146. Annoying.....
  147. I am no longer taking PRIVATE MESSAGES
  148. How to figure leather square footage needed
  149. Custom Quotes at Hancock & Moore
  150. The Keeping Room is # 1 in Hancock & Moore Sales
  151. Closed Friday Morning 05/08 through mid-afternoon
  152. Spammers are hitting the forum hard right now
  153. H&M price change and Town and Country promotion changes July 1
  154. New Memberships Temporarily Closed
  155. Summer Vacation for the Furniture Factories
  156. Good news on pricing
  157. Tuesday 07/28/15
  158. Introduction Expert Furniture Designer
  159. Are you open September 7th?
  160. Forum is buggy
  161. Need a custom piece made?
  162. High Point Market Fall 2015
  163. Store hours for Thanksgiving
  164. Open Monday November 30 due to the Hancock and Moore Sale Period
  165. A Reminder for Forum Readers
  166. Christmas Vacations at the Furniture Factories in North Carolina
  167. Happy Holidays! Store Hours
  168. Now that Century owns Hancock and Moore / Jessica Charles
  169. Big Snowstorm predicted for Saturday in Wash DC
  170. Hancock and Moore Sale Period through March 7th 2016
  171. Store Closed today, perhaps tomorrow
  172. Store will be OPEN tomorrow, Monday Feb 15, Presidents Day
  173. Vacation Dates for The Keeping Room
  174. Open Monday, March 7th
  175. Store will be CLOSED on Saturday. May14th
  176. Save your receipt!
  177. Like the Forum?
  178. Freebie! Retired Bradington Young Leather swatches
  179. Now a dealer for HOOKER furniture
  180. My store will be CLOSED for vacation from July 11th through July 15th
  181. Factory Vacation Week in North Carolina
  182. Due to family emergency I will be temporarily unavailable and the store closed.
  183. Crazy Busy
  184. Spammers are again hitting the forum
  185. Forum Maintenance
  186. Thanksgiving Store Hours
  187. Store is closed Friday, DEC 2
  188. Holiday Store Hours
  189. Winter Vacation Closing Dates
  190. International Credit Card Fees
  191. Get a small rip or tear in your leather?
  192. Spring Vacation Dates - Store Closed
  193. Furniture Forum has moved to a new Server
  194. Hancock and Moore information for those considering ordering soon
  195. A reminder to those having furniture shipped via Delivery Company
  196. Hancock & Moore Wood finishes
  197. North Carolina Furniture Factory Vacation 1st week of July
  198. Open Monday 1/2 day and will be closed WED AUG 2nd
  199. Busy Time....
  200. Armcaps with your new sofa or chair?
  201. North Carolina factories are closed today
  202. Store Closing EARLY on Saturday Nov 11th
  203. Sorry for the delays in response
  204. Store Closing EARLY on Friday Dec 1st, then closed all day Saturday Dec 2
  205. Store will be closed all day on February 22 (Thursday)
  206. Vacation Time - Store will be closed 1 week from March 24th through April 1st
  207. Store is closed today (Wed 03/21) due to snowstorm
  208. Store will be OPEN Saturday March 31st
  209. Memorial Day Store Hours Monday 05/28/18
  210. Making a Delivery Trip to Long Island on Sunday July 22nd
  211. As we come into August....
  212. Battery Powered Recliners (Motion Furniture)
  213. New Delivery Truck for The Keeping Room
  214. Need a Last Minute Christmas Gift from The Keeping Room?
  215. Modified Store Hours Feb 14 / 15 / 16
  216. Short Delay in Replies
  217. Mini-Vacation Dates Aug 2 - Aug 6th
  218. Vacation Dates for The Keeping Room October 2019
  219. New phone system at The Keeping Room
  220. Holiday Closures at the North Carolina factories
  221. Will be open Monday May 25th Memorial Day
  222. Open Fri July 3 ./ Sat July 4
  223. Rock House Brands (Century, Hancock and Moore, Jessica Charles) malware attacked
  224. Now accepting ZELLE as a Cash/Check Payment
  225. The Keeping Room will be closed Dec 4th through the 7th
  226. Christmas / New Years Vacation Dates at the North Carolina factories
  227. What a bizarre day
  228. Way. way, way behind - Internet outages
  229. The Keeping Room will be closed on Saturday, February 6th
  230. Bradington Young Surcharge 03/15/21
  231. Suspending Seat and Back Core replacements effective 03/15/21
  232. Bradington Young Sale Period through March 27th 2021
  233. Its nearly impossible to keep up with the increases
  234. The Keeping Room will be closed from Sunday March 28th through Friday April 2nd
  235. My Daughter Sarah is now working at The Keeping Room (Part time)
  236. We're on Instagram!
  237. Delete account?
  238. When requesting samples to be sent
  239. Upcoming Trip to Hancock & Moore on 11/12
  240. Need some suggestions and Ideas
  241. Revised Terms and Conditions of Sale at The Keeping Room
  242. Fuel prices require temporary increases
  243. Leather Care Kit Giveaway!
  244. New Signage at The Keeping Room
  245. Factories Closed Next Week For 4th of July Holiday
  246. The Keeping Room will close early on Friday, July 29th at 1 p.m.
  247. Holiday Store Hours Thanksgiving and Christmas 2022
  248. Out with Covid
  249. Store Closed 12/15
  250. North Carolina Factories closing for Christmas Vacation