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  1. Re: Hancock & Moore #MD94 Milan Sofa in Largo Iron

    LOVE that Locke Blue Diamond leather! That would make a great ottoman.
  2. Re: That's going to slow down deliveries for a bit

    Wow, so sorry to hear/see that! Rest up and feel better!
  3. Re: Hancock and Moore # 6618-S Sybil Tufted Swivel Chair in Carver Olive / Bogs Sabl

  4. Re: Bradington Young # 406-25 Barnabus Club Chair in Fabric

    Installed my own white oak harwood floors on the first floor, kitchen, living room and hallway, about 10-12 years ago. Being slow and learning as I went, it took me forever but well worth it. I hired...
  5. Re: Lots of new floor stock in today Aug 26, 2022

    In the third post all the photos just say invalid attachment.
  6. Thread: Jammed mechanism

    by SueCT

    Re: Jammed mechanism

    See all those icons along the top when you are writing a reply? The third one from the end says "insert image", click on it. Up comes a box, choose "from computer" and then "choose file" or "from...
  7. Re: Hooker Eisley Power Recliner ZERO GRAVITY with Power Headrest and Lumbar

    Well, note to the designers, if you don't have the best H&M quality stitchers, maybe don't make the stitching on a dark leather in white or almost white. Is it available in with darker stitching if...
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    Re: Need help identifying curio cabinet

    You will have to wait and see what Duane thinks, but the wood and finish look exactly like a 1940s bedroom set in our family. That wuld be my guess for a time frame anyway.
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    Re: Wood repair on fine furniture

    Wow, you did a great job! What did you use to mix the color? It doesn't look like it comes with different dyes or anything to mix inio it.
  10. Re: The Keeping Room will close early on Friday, July 29th at 1 p.m.

    I am sorry for your loss, Duane and Sarah.
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    Re: Help Identifying Ornate Cabinet and Dresser

    You might want to take pictures of the drawer joinery and back of the pieces. The way a piece is constructed can tell a lot about its age, etc.
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    Re: Hancock & Moore Choosing Foot Finish Color

    I think most people tend to either have a general preference for lighter or darker woods or mix woods in their homes. So chances are, whatever you generally gravitate towards will blend in fine....
  13. Sticky: Re: Hancock and Moore Your Way Series list of promotional leathers

    deleted mistake
  14. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    OK. Frame prices not in the previous post, but I guess maybe its possible it will be less in certain leathers that didn't increase in grade, but seems likely that 190.00 will be eaten up by...
  15. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    I must have missed whatever is dropping in price. Every leather I see on the list is going up a grade, not one down.
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    Re: H and M Recommendation

    Have you looked on H&M's site? Every model of sofa is listed there. Take a look at a the Your Way options.
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    Re: Finding Options in Rural Maine

    I bought my H&M sofa from Stickley and you should certainly check with them but my impression is that they will be outside your price range, as well, as they were not much less expensive than H&M...
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    Re: Recliner for sleeping

    Have you considered air B&B's, Condo vacation rentals, etc? Then you could ask about available furniture and they might even be able to arrange a rental for you.
  19. Re: Hancock & Moore Runyon Swivel Tilt #9029ST and Newbury Bench with Lacing #6498-21

    Nice. I find the back if the chair a little odd. Why do you think they didnít continue the back all the way down? Seems odd that you can see the seat cushion through the back.
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    Re: Jonathan Charles High Point Spring Market 2022

    Love the Serene Shimmering Moon, Half Round Panel Bed. Not sure if that is supposed to be a desk or a vanity in the White collection but very pretty. Since I want one for the basement, though, even...
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    Re: Outdoor garden bench

    That is it, thank you! I thought you said you were going to keep it outside the store. I still can't find the original post, would you mind sharing again which one you bought? I am going to compare...
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    Outdoor garden bench

    I am in the market for a decent teak or cedar garden bench. I remember you purchased one and I believe it was for outside the store. I can't seem to find the post about it now. Can you tell me how...
  23. Re: Revised Terms and Conditions of Sale at The Keeping Room

    Really glad to see the digital payments, that should make it easier for most customers and you, but does that mean no longer a cash option? Will all orders have the credit upcharge applied?
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    Re: High Point Furniture Market Spring 2022

    That is awesome, Sarah! Sounds like you are planning to be at the Keeping Room for some time in the future. Honestly, that makes me feel even better about ordering from the Keeping Room. It has...
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    Re: High Point Furniture Market Spring 2022

    Thank you Sarah.
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