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  1. Re: Lots of new floor stock in today Aug 26, 2022

    Yes we do. I cannot PM as my private messages are turned off. However that piece is $ 4,620 to order, $ 3,995 in the store (one only at that price). Shipping or delivery would be additional based on...
  2. Hooker Affinity Bed, King Size # 6050-90966

    This Hooker King Bed is a true rail-bolt up bed, which means there is nothing to break down in the rails over time as long as the nuts on the bolts are tight. That's what I look for in a quality...
  3. Hooker Affinity Three Drawer Nightstand # 6050-90016

    Part of the Affinity Collection, the top is thick tempered glass and this nightstand has a unique feature in that it has an electronic switchbox in it that has three output plugs. Two of them are...
  4. Hooker Furniture Affinity Dresser # 6050-90002 with Mirror

    Just installed in a new bedroom we did at my house in a prior basement storage area. Wish I could take credit for "discovering" the Affinity collection from Hooker, but my daughter Sarah (who as...
  5. Hancock & Moore final chance at Town and Country before prices increase Oct 1

    Today and Tomorrow are the last two days to get an order in for any H&M Town and Country Promotional Items before prices increase on Saturday Oct 1. Call us at 703-360-6399 if you would like to...
  6. Re: Inbound Hancock & Moore / Bradington Young available

  7. Hancock & Moore # 2062 Westwood Tilt Back Chair and Ottoman in Hyde Park Mocha

    I love this chair. Long time readers of the forum will recall I think its the most comfortable chair they make and our floor models never last long. This arrived today after a 10 month wait for...
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    Re: Natuzzi Italia Ottoman Frame broke

    Usually the cover is very easy to remove. But you will want to have some kind of pneumatic stapler to re-attach. The manual ones such as Arrow that you get from Home Depot are not up to the task. ...
  9. Re: That's going to slow down deliveries for a bit

    Thanks! I didn't have any other option but to finish the unloading....there was no one else to call.
  10. Re: Looking for style/possible period of mahogany desk/vanity?

    That is a Sheraton Style piece, a form that was popular from around 1790 to 1820 and named after the English Designer Thomas Sheraton. That's not an original, as the label references "plywood" and...
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    Re: Natuzzi Italia Ottoman Frame broke

    Once plywood is cracked, it’s not repairable. Any attempts to glue or reinforce it will fail. The solution is to replace that entire stringer with a new piece of plywood. The build on that piece...
  12. That's going to slow down deliveries for a bit

    Friday, while unloading freight I was wrestling a tall King Size headboard off the Murrow's truck and it started to go the other way. I planted myself and pulled with all my might....and my right...
  13. Sticky: Re: Choices in receiving your furniture when ordering long distance

    Thank you for the feedback! We get a lot of negative comments on white glove delivery companies mostly based on how long it can take to get items, it goood to see your experience went well.
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    Re: Taylor King Taylor Made Sofas

    I love the molding and woodwork in your home, I see a tray ceiling in one photo! Coupled with big windows and lots of natural light, this is quite a room.

    I have several ideas for tables to go...
  15. Re: Inbound Hancock & Moore available

    More inbound to the store (arriving tomorrow 09/22/22). These may remain in the box in our warehouse until such time as we can get floor space in the store

    Hancock and Moore

    # 8876-88 Kent...
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    Re: Floor inventory clearance

    two more


    14993 < this sofa has sold today
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    Floor inventory clearance

    We have too much furniture in our store! With Covid, we had to order a year out and now many pieces are arriving from Fall 2021 and we have no space on the showroom floor. So, we are going to...
  18. Re: Hard time finding comfortable, affordable sofa

    I think you should plan on a $ 2,500 budget to get into mid-tier builds on domestic fabric sofas. Stay away from the Mall and Catalog furniture stores, they have the highest markups. Shop an...
  19. Inbound Hancock & Moore / Bradington Young available

    Will land next week, may not fit in the store at this time, however, so there may not be photos forthcoming. We are full.

    # 2062 Westwood Tilt Back Chair & Ottoman in Hyde Park Mocha Burnished,...
  20. Hancock & Moore # NC7003-PR Ghent Recliner in Lyric Fog Leather

    Just arrived today for floor stock and available. # NC7003-PR Ghent High Back Power Recliner in leather Lyric Fog (GR2) and wood finish in Cloud. This is the first of the "High Back" model Ghents...
  21. Re: Hard time finding comfortable, affordable sofa

    Unfortunately I don't know of any well-made sofa in that price range, the market has moved beyond that price tag for even mid-quality. At $ 1,500 you are really going to get not much more than a...
  22. Re: Two issues with new Hancock & Moore sofa: fabric is fading and now sofa is squeak

    "Fischer" does not appear to be a named Hancock and Moore / Jessica Charles fabric. A lot of stores will rename manufacturer's fabrics so consumers cannot cross shop them with other dealers, that...
  23. Hancock & Moore Austin High Back Chair and Ottoman in Viking Tobacco

    Just unpacked this afternoon and in the store, a hard-to-get Hancock and Moore # 2038NB Austin High Back Tilt Chair & # 8131 Ottoman in Viking Tobacco leather. We ordered this Dec 17, 2021, so 9...
  24. Whitmore-Sherrill coming to The Keeping Room

    It's very rare when we buy into a new line of furniture, it only happens one or twice in a decade when we try a new maker. Whitmore-Sherrill is the leather division of Sherrill Furniture, and well...
  25. Re: Hancock & Moore Charter Chair, perfect shape!

    This is one of my favorite chairs in an outstanding leather at a superb price. Photos don’t do it justice. Classic lines, great to sit in, velvet-smooth German leather. The closest we could come...
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