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  1. Re: MCM Tell City Cane Back Chair with Original Cushion

    People can ask for any price they like. Looking at for sale listings you always have to ask yourself is it still for sale because the price is too high. Try to find actual sold listings if you can...
  2. Re: What do you prefer to see when walking into a furniture showroom?

    More pieces++
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    Re: External TV Mount

    What kind of TV is it? 66 pounds is pretty heavy these days, most 55" TVs are going to be in the 30-35 pound range. Just something to consider when buying a mount, make sure it will hold that much...
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    Re: Well, that's inconvenient!

    That sucks :) How is your hamstring doing?
  5. Thread: Reality Check

    by Danw99

    Re: Reality Check

    Veblen goods
  6. Re: Quick Trip to the High Point Furniture Market Oct 2022

    "you should be able to get page view / traffic stats from your web host, and they should be able to divide them by spiders vs regular users."

    That might be above my pay grade to get
  7. Re: Quick Trip to the High Point Furniture Market Oct 2022

    Is that Dixon Creek sofa as deep as it looks? Kind of weird design to have that seam or dent in the bottom cushion, I wonder how that would feel to sit on.

    That dog bed, I could see them selling...
  8. Re: Delivery Recommendations in NoVA (Fairfax/Reston)

    Can always hire a couple of well-reviewed guys on I have gotten moving help multiple times through there over the years.
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    Re: Identifying this chair

    It appears to be a wooden chair.
  10. Re: That's going to slow down deliveries for a bit

    Man sorry to hear that, just based on the bruise it would definitely be painful! Rest as much as you can!
  11. Re: Hancock and Moore # 6618-S Sybil Tufted Swivel Chair in Carver Olive / Bogs Sabl

    The olive and the wood go really well together! The wood finish and shine really stand out.
  12. Re: No improvement in delivery times for ordered furniture

    Yes, basically a lot of the overseas manufacturers are seeing that because they have to design and order in batches far in advance. The more custom companies that build-to-order like H&M do not that...
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    Re: Wood repair on fine furniture

    That is a pretty nice repair Duane!

    Sue, from my experience, there are a few different ways to add color, because the putty stuff is usually paintable but sometimes doesn't take stain very well. ...
  14. Re: The Keeping Room will close early on Friday, July 29th at 1 p.m.

    Sorry to hear. :( Hope you all are doing ok. Condolences.
  15. Re: Price increase from Royal Pedic effective August 1, 2022

    45% is a pretty big jump, especially after they just did an increase last year! Not sure how big the one was last year though...

    I am getting around to that time when I need a new mattress. We...
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    Re: Finding Options in Rural Maine

    I would expect a Stickley sectional to be more than $5k. I've never heard of the other brand. Sounds like in your budget that Temple might be a decent option based on what Duane said.
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    Re: Recliner for sleeping

    I recommending asking on another forum that is more focused on travel and hotels, like tripadvisor.
  18. Re: Hancock & Moore # 9876-88 Kent Sofa in Hyde Park Mocha Burnished

    Looks nice, but the off-center clock would drive me crazy!
  19. Re: Why we stopped selling 18th Century Reproductions

    That cherry 65" desk sold for $125, someone got a steal!
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    Re: Hancock & Moore Quality ??

    Did the side of the head of the nails punch through the leather too? It kind of looks like on some of them that the head of the nail sliced into the leather on the edge and the leather is over the...
  21. Re: Hancock & Moore # 8876-77 Chesterfield Sofa in Palma Spice GR 5 available

    Nice deal! If anyone is considering, the chesterfields are very comfortable to sit on.
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    Re: Quality or Price? You can't have it both ways

    I'll admit I was surprised when you started carrying Hooker. My experiences with the brand have not been good and I do not think it is good enough for your store. You can get Hooker at a dozen...
  23. Re: Stickley upholstered Mission bench. Good buy?

    $1,100 ha! So many people try to sell used furniture for crazy prices.
  24. Re: Is the power lumbar feature on Omnia recliner worth it?

    Might be easier to just have a little pillow you put back there when you need it?
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    Re: Will sofa fit through my door

    Do you have a picture or know the height of the arms? The half inch shouldn't be a big deal as long as the arms aren't as tall as the back, since you can tilt it a bit to clear that space. Also do...
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