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    Re: Inbound Hancock & Moore available

    More inbound to the store (arriving tomorrow 09/22/22). These may remain in the box in our warehouse until such time as we can get floor space in the store

    Hancock and Moore

    # 8876-88 Kent...
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    Re: Floor inventory clearance

    two more


    14993 < this sofa has sold today
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    Floor inventory clearance

    We have too much furniture in our store! With Covid, we had to order a year out and now many pieces are arriving from Fall 2021 and we have no space on the showroom floor. So, we are going to...
  4. Re: Hard time finding comfortable, affordable sofa

    I think you should plan on a $ 2,500 budget to get into mid-tier builds on domestic fabric sofas. Stay away from the Mall and Catalog furniture stores, they have the highest markups. Shop an...
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    Inbound Hancock & Moore available

    Will land next week, may not fit in the store at this time, however, so there may not be photos forthcoming. We are full.

    # 2062 Westwood Tilt Back Chair & Ottoman in Hyde Park Mocha Burnished,...
  6. Hancock & Moore # NC7003-PR Ghent Recliner in Lyric Fog Leather

    Just arrived today for floor stock and available. # NC7003-PR Ghent High Back Power Recliner in leather Lyric Fog (GR2) and wood finish in Cloud. This is the first of the "High Back" model Ghents...
  7. Re: Hard time finding comfortable, affordable sofa

    Unfortunately I don't know of any well-made sofa in that price range, the market has moved beyond that price tag for even mid-quality. At $ 1,500 you are really going to get not much more than a...
  8. Re: Two issues with new Hancock & Moore sofa: fabric is fading and now sofa is squeak

    "Fischer" does not appear to be a named Hancock and Moore / Jessica Charles fabric. A lot of stores will rename manufacturer's fabrics so consumers cannot cross shop them with other dealers, that...
  9. Hancock & Moore Austin High Back Chair and Ottoman in Viking Tobacco

    Just unpacked this afternoon and in the store, a hard-to-get Hancock and Moore # 2038NB Austin High Back Tilt Chair & # 8131 Ottoman in Viking Tobacco leather. We ordered this Dec 17, 2021, so 9...
  10. Whitmore-Sherrill coming to The Keeping Room

    It's very rare when we buy into a new line of furniture, it only happens one or twice in a decade when we try a new maker. Whitmore-Sherrill is the leather division of Sherrill Furniture, and well...
  11. Re: Hancock & Moore Charter Chair, perfect shape!

    This is one of my favorite chairs in an outstanding leather at a superb price. Photos don’t do it justice. Classic lines, great to sit in, velvet-smooth German leather. The closest we could come...
  12. What we are doing at The Keeping Room to keep pricing down

    We're all tired of seeing prices go up, and hearing about Inflation in all aspects of consumer goods. While we can't control what our suppliers or the freight companies charge us, we can buy smart...
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    Recliners for Football Season in-Stock

    Football Season is here!

    We have (13) Leather Recliners in stock you can buy immediately and have to watch this Sunday's game (local Metro DC area).

    We also have (2) Leather Reclining...
  14. Sticky: Choices in receiving your furniture when ordering long distance

    I have deleted several threads on this topic in order to update into one more relevant for 2022.

    The Pandemic we have all experienced has changed everything in the transport industry and not for...
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    Re: Shipping to Canada

    removing sticky
  16. Thread: Will it Fit?

    by drcollie

    Sticky: Re: Will it Fit?

    You should be good to go with a 34" door opening, I don't foresee any clearance issues with a H&M Y87 sofa. Good to hear, delivery times seem to be slightly improving, but are sporadic.
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    Re: Moore and Giles # 33 Leather Conditioner

    Sorry, you would have to contact Moore & Giles with that question.
  18. Re: Hancock & Moore Charter Sofa, Perfect condition!

    That is the most new-looking sofa I have ever seen! There is no wear on it at all.

    Boy, if someone wants Capri leather, this is a perfect opportunity to get a beautiful piece at about half the...
  19. Century Stockton Chair LTD102-6 in 100% Mohair Wool

    Here's a deal you will likely never see again. The Century Stockton Chair (made in USA) model # LTD102-6, a classic wing chair in 100% pure mohair wool.

    What is mohair wool? It comes from the...
  20. Re: Hancock & Moore # 5852-S Traveler's Swivel Chair and # 106 Ashmore Boot Stool

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    Re: Moore and Giles # 33 Leather Conditioner

    I have never used their cleaner.

    Truth be told, most specialty cleaners are over-rated in my opinion. I usually make my own for leather. Spritzer bottle with plain water, a few drops of liquid...
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    Re: Moore and Giles # 33 Leather Conditioner

    Yes. The Moore & Giles #33 is excellent on all pull-up and burnished leathers. It the only conditioner we use in the store on pre-delivery of pieces in those leather classes if needed.
  23. Re: Hancock and Moore # 6618-S Sybil Tufted Swivel Chair in Carver Olive / Bogs Sabl

    Those chairs are superb! I told Allen and Julio to be extra careful on delivery and not chip that Belgian Chocolate wood finish. Glad you are pleased! And thank you for your business.
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    Hand-out Samples

    What a job, to sort out about 1,100 Hancock and Moore swatches we had in a pile in the backroom that are all "spares" for clients to take home or for us to mail to clients. When you get that many,...
  25. Hancock and Moore # 6618-S Sybil Tufted Swivel Chair in Carver Olive / Bogs Sable

    Beauty. Style. Elegance.

    The Hancock & Moore # 6618-S Sybil Tufted Swivel chair with the world's finest leathers on it. Carver Olive (Gr7) inside, Bogs Sable (GR4) outside. Premium Belgian...
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