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  1. Re: Bradington-Young Velcro Ripping Sofa Back

    Yes, you need to get new fabric sewn in the back panels, don't wait too long to do this or the sofa will come apart in the back. Unfortunately this is not a DIY project, you will need to take this...
  2. What not to bring to pick up your furniture

    The day before Thanksgiving I had a customer who bought a new Bradington Young sofa we had on the floor and was going to self-transport, because she wanted it immediately and my delivery guys were...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! At our store, my son Alex came up from Richmond with his Girlfriend and we did the turkey day, then today went to the National Portrait Gallery then across...
  4. Re: #7186 Trooper Recliner with Custom Quilting

    The quilting and more contemporary leather really change the look of that Trooper Recliner, it totally transforms it. With a bit of imagination, you can create your own look with Hancock & Moore as...
  5. Hancock & Moore # 2812ST Hamilton Executive Office Chair in Tiburon Cognac

    Clearance Priced, we have (2) identical ones in stock. Hancock and Moore # 2812ST Hamilton Executive Office Chair in leather Tiburon Cognac (gr4) a pure aniline pull-up hide from Italy

    $ 1,999 ...
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    Re: Expand your living space - go outside!

    It's designed for outdoors, you cannot use any indoor furniture outside, it will rot if you do.
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    Re: Low Back Sectionals

    I can pass along from the number of orthopedic physicians that shop at my store ..... their answer is if you want your back to feel better, lose weight and exercise. It's not the furniture they tell...
  8. Re: Hancock and Moore Motion Your Way 3 seat gray leather sofa - $4000

    Your link doesn’t work, Jason….suggest you post the price and details here. Ship weight on the unit is 330 lb, just an FYI
  9. Found in the Storage Closet of The Keeping Room

    We took this down many years ago to use the wall space for something else, just re-discovered it in the very corners of the closet. Remember we originally where a 18th Century Reproduction Store!
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    Re: Large Swivel glider and sofa

    A down bench sofa seat - 1 piece - is not going to keep its form factor very well, you will have to keep it fluffed after each use. As long as you are good with that, you are good to go.
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    Re: Large Swivel glider and sofa

    Here's our go-to for Taylor King chair and a 1/2 Swivel chairs, they are very well made and I like them a lot. If we had more space in our store, i would floor a pair of these. 4 of 6 of these are...
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    Re: Hancock & Moore Your Way Sofas & Ottoman

    Great review, Doug! When you buy quality, it will last and one day those pieces will probably go to your kid's homes when they first buy THEIR first new house.
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    Re: New recliner time.

    Most recliners with decent mechs are designed for up to 300 lb usage weight. Beyond that, you will want reinforced frames and ALWAYS a power recliner, never manual. You want that motor to open and...
  14. The nicest web site I have seen on furniture

    Print catalogs used to be the main focus of furniture makers, they would spend a lot of money on photography, glossy print, beautiful covers and they would all go out of date 6 months after...
  15. Our # 1 seller this past week - the Hancock & Moore Gordon Tight Back Swivel/Glider

    The Hancock and Moore Gordon Tight Back Glider/Swivel chair is our # 1 seller this week, we have sold (5) of these to clients recently. It's easy to walk by it when you see so many chairs in the...
  16. Re: No improvement in delivery times for ordered furniture

    We just had a Taylor King order ship today to our store that was ordered on January 11th, 2022. That was ten months and a couple of days to complete. I think that is too long and we are adjusting...
  17. Re: Repair Options for H&M Sectional Alligator Clip

    You will need new clips, JB Weld won’t hold the tension or working stress. You can get them on Amazon

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    Re: New recliner time.

    Replied to in another post. Please post just once, we read them all !
  19. Re: What to consider when buying a recliner first?

    The top thing to look for is the mechanism, because if the mech breaks, the recliner is going to the landfill. Leggett and Platt and Ultra-Mek are the best mechanisms in the industry and made in...
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    Re: Author Chair or Austin High Back

    Though we are a Bradington Young dealer, I never stock or suggest customer buy the BY 1848 Maverick (I will usually talk them out of it). While it looks like the Hancock and Moore Austin High Back...
  21. Re: What do you prefer to see when walking into a furniture showroom?

    Noted, but not something we can do because the store floor plan is like a giant puzzle. When a sofa comes in, it has to go into available space which is currently occupied by two chairs. Then the...
  22. Re: What do you prefer to see when walking into a furniture showroom?

    Thanks for the feedback....More pieces it is!
  23. Sticky: Re: Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Protocol for all brands

    I don't. That will always be the original color because it has no sunlight and wear exposure. It won't hurt if you want to do it though.
  24. What do you prefer to see when walking into a furniture showroom?

    The Keeping Room is less than 5,000 sf so we have limited floor space. Sarah and I were discussing which is better for customers, what is your input?

    1) Have less inventory but have room settings...
  25. Sticky: Re: Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Protocol for all brands

    Capri is a much lighter and more naked leather than a burnished hide or pull-up. I have used it once on Capri and i was happy with the results, but you apply much lighter and less aggressively. It...
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