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  1. Re: Next time someone tells me a leather sofa is too expensive....

    Here’s a handbag anecdote for ya. I found a vintage, classic, high-end designer bag in a thrift store about a decade ago, which I snapped up for less than $100. I had it appraised by a...
  2. Re: How does a pull up leather look over time? Here's some photos

    Such a helpful post! I adore the way a pull up looks over time. Comfortable and inviting and lived in— just perfect for my antiques. I have a lingering attraction to Burnished leathers, however. I...
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    Poll: Re: Help me pick a great leather!

    Thank you, Duane, for your thorough and informative reply. A great deal of food for thought . May I say, I do appreciate this Forum thoroughly, and have a great deal of respect for your expertise....
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    Poll: Re: Help me pick a great leather!

    On the subject of picking a leather: here’s a set of questions on tonal variation and texture/softness.

    I am trying to decide between Capri, Tiburon and Cameo for my 8172, Chesterfield with alllll...
  5. Sticky: Re: Why you should not rely on photographs for color accuracy

    This is really helpful, thanks. To add something maybe people already know: colors “change” depending not only on camera and lighting, but also on context. I have a grey rug that looks...
  6. Re: Henessey Tapered Leg Sofa and Sami Recliners

    This is THE sofa!!! Omgomgomg
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    Re: Shop at Home HANCOCK AND MOORE

    I am shopping H&M from home and have a piece of advice. In addition to looking at samples, take your favorites and google their names. Also do a search for the names of the leathers you like in...
  8. Re: Burnished vs. non-burnished pull-up leathers

    Love it. Thank you.
  9. Re: Hancock & Moore Chesterfield Sofa in Capri Butternut - SUPERB!

  10. Re: Burnished vs. non-burnished pull-up leathers

    I have another question. What are your thoughts about Pelham burnished? The description says H&M is using a new water-based process? Any thoughts on overall quality, color, endurance? Also, worker...
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    Re: Bradington Young vs Bernhardt

    While we’re on the topic of comparisons, I’m wondering how you think Old Hickory Tannery stacks up against H&M. I’m trying to decide between the H&M Tavern, which I know you really like (me too!),...
  12. Re: Looking at new furniture , H and M and Stickley… ?

    Thank you, and btw thanks so much for this forum. I have learned SO MUCH from you! You’re awesome.
  13. Re: Looking at new furniture , H and M and Stickley… ?

    Aha! I am considering the H&M Tavern, and leaning toward the 5067 because it has a tufted seat. My thinking is that a tufted seat will puddle less, or puddle in a way that I don’t mind as much. I...
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