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    Leather Recliner Season is coming

    ...and we are running out of inventory. Due to mechanism shortages, its taking up to one year to get new ones. We ordered a batch from Hancock and Moore in October 2021 and still have not received...
  2. Re: Sun Delivery Service has increased their rates Sept 1, 2020

  3. Don't buy Protection Programs or Warranties on your Furniture

    I was just talking to the Customer Service Manager from one of our suppliers and she was exhausted from listening to a customer for one hour and twenty minutes on their stained leather upholstery. ...
  4. Hancock & Moore # 8876-77 Chesterfield Sofa in Capri Harness

    Here's a Hancock and Moore # 8876-77 Kent Chesterfield sofa you won't see at any other dealer. Why? Because we covered this one in Capri Harness, a high-end, super-soft luxury leather that comes...
  5. Thread: Porch Life

    by drcollie

    Porch Life

    Best thing we ever did on home improvement projects was build a large, fully screened-in porch. I spend every evening out there with my trusty companion, who never wants to come inside when it’s...
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    Large Leather Samples at the Store

    New at the Store, we sell a LOT of hand-burnished leathers, and asked Hancock and Moore to make us up some large swatches of al 33 burnished hides they offer. Then it was off to Home Depot to buy...
  7. Re: Hancock & Moore # 1026 Royal Recliner in Remington Sapphire Burnished

    Sold 07/14/22
  8. Re: The Keeping Room will close early on Friday, July 29th at 1 p.m.

    Yes, thanks all. My Mother actually passed away from Covid in Feb 2021. It took this long (18 months) To wait for burial at Arlington National Cemetary.
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    Re: Wood repair on fine furniture

    Thanks. Color is never a single step, it is about fifteen steps that require toners, sealers, tints, clears in a test-and-try experiment. A lot of times I will use oil based artist paints as well....
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    Wood repair on fine furniture

    One of the best products for wood repair I have come across in 35 years of being in the furniture business is Epoxy Putty by JB Weld. This stuff is magic, and it's tenacious, this repair never lets...
  11. The Keeping Room will close early on Friday, July 29th at 1 p.m.

    We will be closing the store at 1 p.m. sharp on Friday, July 29th to attend funeral services for "Lucy" Collie at Arlington Cemetery, she was the "founder" of the original Keeping Room. Duane's...
  12. Re: Price increase from Royal Pedic effective August 1, 2022

    Tony Kelemen, who owns Royal Pedic, is one of the most decent men in this industry. I've been a dealer for him now for 20 years or so. We talk on the phone several times a year about the state of...
  13. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    Yes, that is correct.

    These are two different promotions and not all dealers qualify. So you can come across a dealer that offers one, but not the other. Or, a dealer that has not qualified for...
  14. Price increase from Royal Pedic effective August 1, 2022

    Royal Pedic bedding rarely takes price increases, the owner dislikes them very much and only does them every four to five years. Today one arrived effective August 1, 2022 and it's significant. ...
  15. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    The Your Way promotional program has no burnished leathers in Group 1 or 2.

    Nothing on Town and Country as of now.
  16. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    The timetable for the Your Way Promotions has been moved up to August 1, the new prices just arrived today from Hancock & Moore.

    For example, a YM90-PR Dual Recline sofa in Group 1 leathers...
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    Get those health checkups!

    I was out of the store today, had a Colonoscopy done - which as most of us know is about as much fun as a root canal. So we tend to put it off....and put it off.....or just dismiss it and say "I...
  18. Re: Help Identifying Ornate Cabinet and Dresser

    Secondary wood appears to be mahogany, construction methods show its not "handmade" per se, but probably early 1900's.
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    Used up leather

    Today we replaced a Hancock and Moore Austin sofa purchased in 2007 with a new one made in 2022. Fifteen year lifespan on that piece, and the client liked it so much they re-ordered the exact same...
  20. Taylor King - 88" Taylor Made Sofa in fabric Drewsky Twig

    This is a VERY nice sofa, I was impressed when I unpacked it and thought it sat really well. Had to be one of the Designer units I thought, until I pulled the paperwork on it. Well, the joke was...
  21. Hancock & Moore # 6565-3 Doyle Sofa in Cavalier Hunter Green

    We don't see many green leather sofas come through the store, its a color rarely ordered. This one has a nail delete as requested by the client, and the wood finish is Mahogany. The Doyle sofa is...
  22. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    A little bump here, just because I’ve been looking at the new pricing August 1 and some are going to be unhappy when they see the costs of items next month. I priced out a recliner today that is...
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    Sticky: Re: Hancock & Moore Cushions

    Just stay with standard is my recommendation.
  24. Re: Help Identifying Ornate Cabinet and Dresser

    That’s a complex piece that has a lot of work in it. Probably Spanish influence. You don’t say price asked or show the interior construction that would identify it as being handmade so without that...
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    Re: T&C promotional leathers

    Yes, that is correct. They are "kit" leathers, pre-cut and pre-sewn. In Married cover frames, you only have the choice of leg finish, nail trim if offered, and cushion core choice.
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