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  1. Re: Why don't cushions last as long as they used to?

    My estimate of 3 - 5 years usage of 1.8 density foam cushions is based on average use by average size (under 200 lb.) persons. Oversized people who weigh 250 lbs. or more will often wear out standard...
  2. Why don't cushions last as long as they used to?

    In my business I am constantly hearing from people who complain that their previous sofa only lasted last 3 - 5 years. Usually, the reason is that the seat cushions have worn out (and are not worth...
  3. Re: Hancock & Moore Overstock Cover Specials on Just in Time / Town and Country items

    I am not sure it is fair to equate Flexsteel with MotionCraft in your price comparison. Flexsteel does make leather recliners for $1800 (and less) but the closest MotionCraft recliner that I am aware...
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    Re: Does white leather stain more easily?

    I have seen the dye from blue jeans completely ruin a beautiful white leather sofa.
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    Simplicity makes returns easy

    Wouldn't it be great if furniture companies allowed you to return your purchase just because you decide that you just don't like it -- and without charging expensive return shipping fees or...
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    Re: Sofa Sleeper - yes or no?

    Hi Duane,

    I am sure you have run into the situation where one of your customers asks for help finding a sofa sleeper that will fit through a narrow door or stairway. You may be interested to learn...
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    Re: John Widdicomb side table

    Any John Widdicomb table in excellent condition for $150 is a steal. Grab it quickly.
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    Re: Buy American

    For those situations in which a sofa just will not fit into a home there are furniture repair companies that specialize in taking sofas apart, getting them into the room and then putting them back...
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    Re: Love seat & chair: Please advise!

    The biggest problem with Drexel Heritage currently is that their parent company, Furniture Brands International, recently declared bankruptcy. If the DH furniture needs to be special ordered there...
  10. Directory of American Furniture Manufacturers

    There is a new Made in America Furniture Directory which can be found at

    The list is far from complete. (For example H&M and BY are not listed.) But it...
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    Poll: Re: Poll on Order Acknowledgements

    After six years of emailing order confirmations I have never had a customer request a hard copy.
  12. Re: Raymour & Flanigan Bonded Leather Sofa - Good or Bad?

    As a manufacturer who actually sells bonded leather I have to say that I have never seen or even heard of a case in which bonded leather delaminates. With that said, bonded leather is really more a...
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    Re: Freight Delivery Company recommendations

    A note to anyone using White Glove delivery - UPS Freight has a new White Glove delivery service. I've used them 3 or 4 times so far without any problems. Pricewise they may not be the least...
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    Re: What is this type of sofa spring called

    In 30 years I have never seen a spring like that. Dwayne's solution is liable to cost some real money. A cheaper (and quicker) solution could be to just have the reupholsterer replace the missing...
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    Re: Sofa Delivery & the Standard 36" Doorway

    Here are two invaluable sources for assistance in figuring out whether furniture will fit through a door or stairway:
  16. Re: Wondering if anyone knows the name/model of this desk?

    This is cheap office furniture. Similar items can be found at any Staples or Office Depot.
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    Re: Where to buy a blue sectional sofa?

    You might try Simplicity Sofas. They make custom sectionals and have several deep blue fabrics in both cottons and microfibers.
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    Re: How to spec a quality custom sofa

    You are trying to simplify a very complex subject.

    There are dozens of different frame constructions and spring systems. Not all sofa styles are appropriate for 8 way hand-tied coils. Most modern...
  19. Re: Simplicity Sofas Wins $20,000 Grand Prize as 2012 Small Business Innovator of the


    This prize was not given out by the furniture industry. This contest was open to all small businesses in the U.S. The runner-up was a electric motorcycle manufacturer from San Francisco....
  20. Simplicity Sofas Wins $20,000 Grand Prize as 2012 Small Business Innovator of the Yea

    I would like to thank all Forum members who voted for Simplicity Sofas in last week's SMB Innovator of the Year contest.

    Although we did not win the $2500 Prize for receiving the most public...
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    Simplicity Sofas Needs Your Vote

    I am asking for some help from the readers of this forum.

    I have been a long time contributor to the forum and am also the owner of Simplicity Sofas, a mid-price Ready to Assemble Upholstered...
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    Re: Crypton Everything

    I received some sample yardage from Crypton and made up some cushions. The Crypton fabrics are pretty ordinary, but have a special Crypton backing and coating that gives them a moisture barrier,...
  23. Re: United Furniture/Simmons furniture question

    United Furniture is generally low end, below even Ashley. Simmons sofas and sleepers were once affiliated with the Simmons mattress company which makes the premium Simmons Beautyrest line of...
  24. Re: October 2012 High Point Market and Photos (mostly Hancock & Moore)

    Just a little brag - Simplicity Sofas has been selected for inclusion in Furniture Today's October 29, 2012 Best of Market Showcase For those of you don't read Furniture Today (including Duane I...
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    Re: Crypton Everything

    I have a Crypton sales rep stopping by to visit me later this week so I'll let you know what I think of the fabrics. For those of you out there who are interested in Crypton type fabrics and don't...
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