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  1. Hancock & Moore Runyon Swivel Tilt #9029ST and Newbury Bench with Lacing #6498-21-L

    Another Hancock & Moore office chair on the floor!

    This is the Runyon Swivel Tilt Chair #9029ST in Rodin Whiskey. Rodin Whiskey is a grade 2, protected leather, but has nice dimension and lends...
  2. Jessica Charles Delta Swivel Glider #478-SG

    Our long-awaited Jessica Charles Swivel Glider has finally arrived!

    We placed an order for two swivels on 12/10/22 and the first one was delivered yesterday, 5/12/2022, so a bit faster than the...
  3. Incoming #9029ST Runyon Swivel Tilt Chair & #6498-21-L Newbury Benches

    Incoming new floor stock from Hancock & Moore, should be arrive next week.

    #9029ST Runyon Swivel Tilt Chair in Rodin Whiskey with "A" Nail and Mahogany Distressed finish.


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    40% Off Jonathan Charles in May


    Through the month of May, we are offering 40% off on all Jonathan Charles USA pieces!

    From traditional, antique reproductions to coastal-inspired collections and country casual pieces,...
  5. Re: Jonathan Charles High Point Spring Market 2022

    I didn't get a photo of the tag on that desk / vanity, so I'm not sure what it is intended to be! (Not on the website yet.) It could definitely be a vanity, almost too pretty for a desk!

  6. Re: Jonathan Charles High Point Spring Market 2022

    Modern Accents Collection


    Modern Accents Writing Desk - we liked this piece a lot and considered purchasing it for floor stock, but have a similar one from Century on order

  7. Re: Jonathan Charles High Point Spring Market 2022


    Serene Moon Flower, Half Round Carved Panel Bed, flanked by the Ephemeris French Drawer Chest (left) Aeon Swedish Drawer Chest in Antiqued White (right), and William Yeoward Uptown Classic...
  8. Re: Jonathan Charles High Point Spring Market 2022

    I didn't take as many pictures in the other Portfolio rooms, but here are some pieces that caught our eye.

    From the White Portfolio


    Cumulus Tiffany Sofa flanked by two Asperitas Spot...
  9. Re: Jonathan Charles High Point Spring Market 2022


    Berm Bachelors Chest SKU001-1-930-BON with Bleached Oak and bone inlay


    Clapotis Danish Cord Double Dresser SKU001-1-710-CRD

    Out of all of the amazing pieces we saw at...
  10. Re: Jonathan Charles High Point Spring Market 2022


    Jonathan Charles consistently looks for ways to add unique details that you won't find anywhere else to its pieces. Take a close look at the fish and water motifs on this chest - they were...
  11. Jonathan Charles High Point Spring Market 2022

    Jonathan Charles opened a beautiful new showroom at the Fall 2021 Market, and not only is it massive, but each room is dedicated to one of their portfolios. Serene debuted at this Market, and Water,...
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    Fjords Relaxer Mechanism Upgrade

    Just in from Fjords, all motorized Fjords Relaxers will be shipping with an upgraded mechanism that includes a glide lock. When locked, the chair will still be able to swivel, but will not rock. See...
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    Maitland-Smith Lyric Desk #C-LY07

    Our first order from Market arrived today!

    We had been eyeing the Maitland-Smith Lyric Desk online prior to Market, but weren't quite sold on it from the website photos (these pictures don't do...
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    Re: High Point Furniture Market Spring 2022

    From the factory to the's always fun to see the behind-the-scenes of a new frame being made.

    We got to see Hancock and Moore's new Gina Sofa #6706-3 going into production at our...
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    Re: High Point Furniture Market Spring 2022

    Here is the link to the video of the new Hancock & Moore leathers:

    We can't believe we got a handle of these so quickly! I have to agree that Carver is a standout, as...
  16. Re: Hancock & Moore Author Chair and Ottoman in Weston Cane Burnished - INBOUND

    Hi Judy,

    That side table is from Hooker Furniture #5533-80114-LTBR and is marble and steel. The table is available off the floor if you are local, or we can order if you are out of the area. This...
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    Three New Hancock & Moore Office Chairs


    If you're looking for an office chair, we're willing to bet we have one that suits your style!

    We just unpacked three new Hancock and Moore floor models and all are available for...
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    Re: Quality or Price? You can't have it both ways

    Just unpacked today, two Hooker Furniture Corporation Palisade Nightstands to go with our Hancock and Moore Your Way Tufted Bed, and these were a 180 from the Hooker Saban Console that we were...
  19. Re: Bradigton Young # 960-35 Imagine Power Recliner Leather 90400-28

    The BY 900 series is not in a higher tier than the 200 BY series. The BY 200 series is actually newer, and the main differences between the 200 and 900 series are that the 200 pieces do not have a...
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    Re: Quality or Price? You can't have it both ways

    At first glance, I said "that's a pretty little console", but when I started looking it over, I said "yikes, these drawers feel like the ones on my Amazon pieces I built myself!" I agree with you...
  21. Re: DWR sofa quality / suggestions for better bang for buck?

    Always happy to take a "field trip" to learn more about what's out there!

    As expected, the DWR showroom is stunning, and is on extremely prime DC real estate on Georgetown's M Street. The...
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    Re: alexis chair in cameo brown review

    Angie, thank you for your kind words and honest review! It's always so helpful to get others' opinions on their pieces, especially after they have had some time to live with them.

    We have our...
  23. Re: Jonathan Charles Narrow Console Table and Country Walnut Round Mirror

    Thank you, Susan! Happy with how they turned out, wish I had a home with an entryway large enough for them!
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    Re: H&M City Sofa Body Oil Stain

    Angie beat us to the punch! That does look like a body oil stain and we would recommend seeing what Pam at Leather Solutions could do, you could unzip the casing and ship it to her to work on down in...
  25. Just Delivered - #2021-PR Alexis Tilt Back Chair & Ottoman in Kismet Camel

    The Hancock & Moore #2021-PR Alexis Tilt Back Chair & Ottoman in Kismet Camel, ordered from Spring Market, has arrived! The set is still boxed in the warehouse, so we are able to ship it outside of...
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