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    Re: Quality and Build discussion

    Having hardly ever bought new furniture and relying on second hand stuff (raising kids, other priorities), we are so excited to finally be able to buy some higher quality pieces, and many thanks to...
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    Re: Slowdown on Buyers

    [QUOTE=drcollie;44899]Yes, all those manufacturers are competing for the same work force. Many have signs out with $ 3,000 signing bonuses. Of course, that doesn’t sit well with existing employees...
  3. Re: Jonathan Charles Narrow Console Table and Country Walnut Round Mirror

    Sarah, how exciting! As Duane states the console table is very unique and I appreciate the interesting grain and artistic flair of the piece, but more than that I absolutely love the mirror. Sadly...
  4. Re: Inbound, shipped from Hancock and Moore today

  5. Re: Going to the High Point Market on Sunday 10/17/21

    I think the TK sample chair will be incredibly helpful to future buyers. An opportunity to view and try out each possible option.
  6. Re: Throw pillow choices with Taylor made/ Taylor King

    Thanks so much for the quick reply.
    Just to be clear, if buying TK portfolio couches -the pillow fabric should also be from the portfolio?
  7. Throw pillow choices with Taylor made/ Taylor King

    Not sure if this post belongs here or in the decorating forum, but hoping some of you can weigh in with good ideas. We are getting really close to zeroing in on fabric for two taylor king plush...
  8. Re: Hancock & Moore # 6565-3 Doyle Sofa in TIlton Moose Leather

    What is thee nail trim used on this sofa- is it the standard A style? Are there other nail trims thaat you think would look good on this chair?
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    Sticky: Re: Taylor King Portfolio Fabric List

    I have tried without success to find out what the I represents infront of many of the fabrics - is it Inside Out?
  10. Finally in the market to buy good quality furniture but need help!

    After 30+ years of raising a family we are finally hoping to upgrade our second-hand and ugly assorted furniture. Living room and dining room and then one other room, but starting with LR. We had...
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    Re: H and M Traditional Leather Club Chairs

    Thanks so much for the clarification. I am going to read your previous posts about deadlines now!!
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    H and M Traditional Leather Club Chairs

    Love the look of the H an M club chairs- especially the member chair or the Doyle chair, and realize that they are the gold standard in quality of construction and leather, but of course this has a...
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