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    Sticky: Re: Hancock & Moore Cushions

    The reason you see Ultra Down in H&M floor models is that they give them to the dealer free of charge for floor models only. Dealers have to pay for Spring Down on floor models. Customers always...
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    Re: Bradington-Young Leather - Steer Hide?

    B-Y is Steer hide. Only the low end makers use cowhide, since it’s cheap and none of the better producers use it. When you see old leather furniture that seems to be horrendously loose, that’s...
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    Re: Hancock and Moore Cut-away chair

    Lol….they have a slightly larger showroom than The Keeping Room.
  4. Re: Hancock & Moore # 8876-77 Chesterfield Sofa - You pick the leather

    I did specify Capri Harness for this piece, however I am relatively certain it can be changed at this point. Hancock and Moore is on Summer Break and will be out until July 11th, no way to check...
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    Re: Looking for Manufacturer of Chairs

    You best bed since the show was recent is to backtrack to that Design Show by contacting the Promoter and sending them the photos. At the very least they can set you up with a list of Exhibitors. ...
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    Re: Quick questions-Boho or French Curve

    Those are different chairs, the French curve is a wide slouch chair that tapers into the back. The Boho is more compact, a tad more upright and I think a more handsome chair. They both sit well,...
  7. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    I haven't seen the new Town and Country Program, just in conversations know that they are revamping it and moving to South American leathers as base married covers and getting out of Chinese...
  8. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    Some frames are dropping in price. For example a Sundance 4716 Sofa in GR 4 leather will be $ 190 less on the August 1 2020 price list than it is now. But overall, it appears to be a 3 to 5%...
  9. Re: Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    We have a copy of the new pricing from Hancock and Moore effective August 1, 2022. Last day to order at existing prices will be Saturday July 30th. Note that there a few items decreasing in price....
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    Sebring office chair being made

    Hereís a photo showing the frame of the very popular Sebring office chair being made, itís all solid maple as you can see.

  11. Re: couch recommendation with similar style...

    Arhaus doesn't operate their own factories, and they buy from many different suppliers, so quality can be good on some pieces, poor on others.

    I don't know of a style that matches into anything we...
  12. Price changes coming from Hancock & Moore Summer 2022

    There is lots going on at Hancock & Moore these days, they are spending quite a bit on infrastructure to improve their facilities. They are re-opening Plant 2 and installing air conditioning in it. ...
  13. Re: Number and Size of Sitting Pieces for home with flow thru Living room/Kitchen

    Remember that we are just a retail dealer, not the manufacturer. Very detailed questions are not something we can always answer, nor can 90% of the people that work at the Supplier (in this case...
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    Re: Bradington-Young Spring Cushions

    We only have two suppliers that use Married Covers, Bradington Young and Hancock and Moore. No issues or concerns with either.
  15. Hancock & Moore # 9840 City Sofa in Kip Tweed

    Hancock & Moore # 9840 City Sofa in Kip Tweed leather, just arrived and available to purchase without the long 6 to 8 month wait.

    This is the least expensive H&M sofa in the line, and is also...
  16. Re: Hancock & Moore # 6565-1 Doyle Chair & Ottoman in Cameo Bone-Grey Burnished Leath

    sold 06/28/22
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    Re: Bradington-Young Spring Cushions

    Sorry, I don't know the density level on foam cores and that information is nearly impossible for any dealer to get, its not published nor is it something their customers service team has. The only...
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    Re: Bradington-Young Spring Cushions

    I’m afraid your B-Y salesperson didn’t exactly get it right. They use a number of different cores depending on the frame and what they feel works best in that given frame. Ten years ago they were...
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    Re: When it won't fit....

    Yes, we recently had a no-fit delivery situation come up locally. Customer did not inform us there might be spatial issues. Plus, they wanted a special weekday evening delivery and agreed to pay an...
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    Re: Nirvana Toasted Honey or Latte

    "Nirvana" is a finished leather.

    Any photos we have at The Keeping Room are posted here in the LEATHER forum.

    No one can really choose a color for you unless they are in the room with the...
  21. Hancock & Moore # 6565-1 Doyle Chair & Ottoman in Cameo Bone-Grey Burnished Leather

    While other dealers keep pushing out the least expensive promotional leathers on Hancock & Moore pieces, we order most of ours in leathers you actually want to buy. Here's another floor model that...
  22. Hancock & Moore # 5852-S Traveler's Swivel Chair and # 106 Ashmore Boot Stool

    Just arrived for stock this morning - we LOVE this chair. The Hancock & Moore # 5852-S Traveler's Swivel Chair in Hyde Park Brownie Burnished (pure aniline hide from Italy). R&S Nails. This is a...
  23. Hancock & Moore # 4691 / # 4690 Author Chair and Ottoman in Hyde Park Mocha Burnished

    These Hancock & Moore Author Chairs and Ottomans are going to look WAY better in the customer's home tomorrow than in our parking lot! This has to be one of the most handsome leathers I have seen on...
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    Cracked and Split Leather

    Frequent readers of the forum know that we preach cleaning and conditioning on a regular basis to avoid issue with your leather down the road. As my daughter Sarah says to me "Dad, its like...
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    Sticky: Re: Let's discuss furniture warranties

    Not specifically. I dropped that line over fifteen years ago. I see it at the High Point Furniture Market and stop in and look at it from time to time, but see no reason to reacquire it. Nor to I...
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