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    Re: Canadel chairs good?

    I switched the chairs around. The wobbly chair was wobbly in the locations where the others were not. The other chairs were not wobbly in the wobbly chairs original position. The sales person...
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    Re: Canadel chairs good?

    I looked at your link. For reading, tv chairs, I bought “Klein Design Brigger Chairs,”, about 20 years ago, when I had very bad back problems. Solved my problems. We bought one rocker and one zero...
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    Re: Canadel chairs good?

    Added comment on your original post. The set I looked at was distressed. My wife really liked it. They had 5 chairs and a bench. All seating areas Sunbrella fabric. A plus to me. The table was...
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    Re: Canadel chairs good?

    Agree. I went with an Amish built set. Four heavy oak chairs. Leather cushioned seating area. Massive Oak table with 4 leaves extending to 9.5 ft. Heavy 4 ft., oak bench for added seating....
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    Re: The Myth of Amish-Made Furniture

    I just bought an Amish dining room set. An Amish retailer in Ohio. Yes, I checked before I bought it. It does have screws. Keeps the price down. Even so, after looking at big box stores, the...
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    Re: Any comments on Canadel?

    I passed on Canadel. One of the chairs in a set I looked at was wobbly. I remembered a post on Houzz, where the complaint was a wobbly chair due to a leg being cut too short. The saleslady tried to...
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    Re: Canadel chairs good?

    I'm currently looking at the Canadel Eastside distressed dining set. About $ 2200 after 35% sale. Price is for table, 2 chairs, bench. Chairs are about $ 550 each before 35% discount.
    Reviews on...
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    Any comments on Canadel?

    We are looking at breakfast sets under $ 2500.

    We liked a Canadel distressed look. Currently 35% off. The reviews are mixed. No customer service. Scratches easily.
    Other reviews are good....
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    Re: Quality Swivel rocker recliner?

    Havenít been here in a long time, but chair shopping.

    I have seen a very large number of angry complaints on Stressless furniture made in the last 10 years. Before then, it was apparently...
  10. Re: Stickley Furniture prices are confusing me, how to budget?

    You didn't give your height and weight. I am 5 ft. 7, 182 pounds.
    My wife is 4 ft. 10, 135 pounds.

    I purchased the Morris/Bow Arm chair both as a statement piece and for my larger guests. It's...
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    Re: Sofa for under $2K

    You rarely mention anything other than leather. We did buy a high quality leather Stickley Mission Bow Arm chair with ottoman, as our statement piece. For budget reasons, we ordered a fabric sofa,...
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    Re: Leather Slipcover.

    Probably wouldn't work well. My last sofa was leather. With dogs in the house, I tried many slipcovers. Nothing stayed on.

    This time we bought a fabric sofa. Got a sure fit slipcover that has...
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    Re: eight way hand tied vs. seat pleaser?

    Lifestyle has a lot to do with it. When we were working, and using a sofa or recliner for a few hours at night to watch TV, a motion piece would have been great. As retirees, we sit on our fixed...
  14. Re: Stickley Furniture prices are confusing me, how to budget?

    Your comment on customer service. My Ottoman arrived with a cracked leg. It was then refinished locally. Poor job. I sent it back. They ordered a new one and let me keep the other one until the...
  15. Re: Stickley Furniture prices are confusing me, how to budget?

    I think my chair is actually called the Bow Arm chair. I get confused between the two.
  16. Re: Stickley Furniture prices are confusing me, how to budget?

    Google: Paul Stein Stickley for my review of the Stickley Morris Chair I purchased. I put photos on.

    Special order in grade 3 Italian leather. I went with cherry wood. Supposed retail about $...
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    Re: Latex vs Memory Foam Mattresses


    We do go through the weightlifting process of flipping our latex queen. No difference in comfort. Recommended by mfg. Our source is The Original Mattress Factory. Check their website. ...
  18. Re: I'm a believer now... Is this the new H&M Wrangler sectional?

    Answered the wrong thread. Didn't see a delete button.
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    Re: What were they thinking?

    Agree with you. I am balding, on many medications, and stained a very good quality leather headrest within 6 months. Fortunately, it was a removable headrest on a recliner. I now always use a u...
  20. Re: Counter Height Barstools Recommendations. Some lower back support.

    Since no replies, I'll modify request. I have found a Vanguard Doyle Counter Stool W730-CS, Swivel, with the right dimensions. List is $ 1049

    Is this a good brand? I'm surprised there isn't...
  21. Counter Height Barstools Recommendations. Some lower back support.

    I have a fairly narrow area off hallway, and we want to change the two barstools. Prefer the barstools below the 33 3/4 countertop bottom, for occasional slide under purposes, and preferably with...
  22. Re: H&M Austin Sofa Purchase and Delivery Review

    Your ottoman comment. I bought both the 48 by 25 ottoman size and a much smaller chair ottoman with my chair. I find that using the lower chair ottoman is more comfortable when sitting on the sofa....
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    Re: Advice on swivil, rocker recliner

    My 4 10 wife couldn't close the BY either. No problem with H&M. If they both use the same quality Legget Platt mechanism, I would expect they would close the same. H&M., closes so well, especially...
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    Sticky: Re: Let's discuss furniture warranties

    I know this is an old thread but it is very informative. Thank you for it.

    Based on your explanations, please clarify one thing please. On a custom order, If a leg is broken during shipping to...
  25. Re: H&M Austin Sofa Purchase and Delivery Review

    Very nice looking sofa. Would be my choice if I discovered furniture forum a month earlier. I also sat in some BY sofas and recliners. Know what you mean. The HMs I sat in were incredibly nice.
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