Power recliners are VERY reliable overall, they rarely fail.

ALWAYS put a surge protector on your outlet if using plug-in power. They are under $ 10 and will save all the internal electrics on the chair should you get a whole house power surge.

By far, the # 1 reason a power recliner has stopped working is due to a connection coming loose somewhere in the linkage. If you have power to the transformer (green light), then roll the recliner onto its back and look for a zipper to access the wiring to the motor. Check the connections once unzipped and make sure they are all tight. There is usually a round plug connector coming off the Rectifier that goes to the switch, make sure that is well seated. If, after checking all the connections throughout the chair, replace the switch you use to operate the recliner. That's usually easy, held in with one or two screws. The motors almost never go bad, they are very reliable.

Most parts have either a one or two year warranty depending on the maker. That warranty begins the date the piece was shipped out, NOT the day you take delivery of it. So if a piece is bought off the floor at a dealer, the clock starts when it has left the manufacturer's dock, not when you purchase it. (just an FYI).