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Thread: The Furniture Industry for 2023

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    Yes, but I know Hancock and Moore as well as Century are hiring, so those workers can go there if they can fit into those companies.

    There have been a lot of manufacturers shut down in 2023 in the furniture industry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drcollie View Post
    Another manufactuer closes down.

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    Mitchell Gold / Bob Williams abruptly closed with no notice to employees, they are just a few miles from Taylor King / Hancock and Moore. Another sign of stress on the industry as consumers spend money on vacations and travel, and have slowed down on home furnishing purchases. This was not a low end company, however I always thought their products priced on the high side for what they were. They have a retail store front in Tysons Gallleria Mall that i would go into from time to time (very expensive retail space) and I would just shake my head at the prices on items that were not particulary unique or built to a high level. I assume that store will be closing as well.

    This is a very competitive industry. Very much a game of chess as to your market niche, efficencies in production, getting the word out about your products and controlling costs while trying to give dealers and consumers what they want. Link below to read the story.
    i bought some cabinets, side tables, etc from there, those were made in china. they don't have touch up paint for small chips on the cabinets. when we moved cross country all of the side tables broke. we had a lot of furniture nothing else broke. dings sure, but the legs on the mitchell gold stuff literally broke. still have some dining chairs that were made in US by mitchell gold and those are good. overall the pricing suggested luxury but it is not.

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