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Thread: The Mattress Challenge, what does yours look like?

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    Default The Mattress Challenge, what does yours look like?

    I was rotating OUR Royal Pedic All Cotton King Size mattress this Sunday Morning and during the flip, I noticed the tag and the set is coming up on ten years old. This is the bed that my wife and I sleep on appx 340 or so nights a year, so its been used by us at least 3,200 times so far with no evidence of degrading, puddling, impression or loss of support. This unit is not even close to needing to be replaced, maybe in another 8 years. And the proof is in the photos, I challenge anyone to post a photo of their 10 year old bedding from the conventional foam makers (Serta/Simmons/Sealy, etc). Most of those are all used up by the 7 to 8 year mark and headed to the landfill. What's the difference? See that label that says "92% Cotton Batting?" Your existing bed is made of foam, and all foam degrades with moisture, compression and use. You probably have a ridge in the middle of your bed and body impressions in the mattress. When the ridge is over 1.25", your bed is used up. Replace it. All Cotton Bedding does not suffer depressions to the extend that foam does.

    Royal Pedics are made in California, and of the best materials possible. Tony Keleman (owner) and I have had many conversations over the years about his product and I'm a firm believer in what they make, its the only bedding I carry in my store. I have four Royal Pedic beds in my own home. Why? Because I know if I sell you a foam bed, you will get five good years out of it, and then you will push it another five until you junk it, adding more to our landfills (Did you know the #1 product that the 1-800-Junk Guys haul to the dump are Casper brand and other mail-order bedding? Any mattress that folds up into a box for delivery from Amazon is a joke).

    Royal Pedics are expensive relative to what people expect to pay. The bed you see here is the basic All Cotton Premier (not the line sold on the Internet, this is only available to brick and mortar stores). In King Size, this set sells in 2023 for $ 8,844 delivered to most locations throughout the USA (my price from my store). I often hear "I'm not paying that for a bed!". Those shoppers will wind up at Mattress Discounters or Costco buying a no-flip foam mattress set for $ 3K and replace it every few years when their back hurts and they sleep in a small puddle of sweat every night. It's false economy. Do the math.

    If your Royal Pedic goes 15 years before replacement and you use it appx 340 nights a year, that's 5,100 uses of supportive, no depression, no sweating sleep or about $ 1.73 a night, less than a cup of coffee. Some people keep them 20 years or longer, but I think a reasonable life span of the all cotton mattress is 15 to 18 years. There is value in good sleep, the bedding you sleep on every night is the worst place to go cheap on of all the things in your home (kitchen counter bar stools are maybe next).

    It's not easy to shop bedding. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors in the marketing of bedding and it becomes confusing to consumers so they pretty much punt and buy on price. I understand. It took me hours and weeks of research many years ago to learn in depth about bedding. These All Cotton units made by companies such as Royal Pedic, Shifman and Duxiana are really the way to go. Nothing else compares.

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    Default Re: The Mattress Challenge, what does yours look like?

    Our Royal Medic is going on at least 8 years now and still looks perfect as it did when it arrived. was it more expensive than your typical mattress, but worth it.

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