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Thread: Had a Visit from Royal Pedic's Owner today

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    Here's the dirty little secret of mattress and bedding returns:

    The State Health Departments across the entire country forbid re-selling a used mattress, so they all go in the trash or are donated to Homeless Shelters, Habit for Humanity etc. It is illegal to resell them. Technically, the manufacturer can keep the inner spring grid and reuse that, but no one bothers to do that due to the cost to even tear down the mattress. All foam and covers must be stripped off and disposed of.

    Companies that offer returns have so little invested in the cost of making them, and such high profit margins, that they factor in tossing some in the trash. As a Royal Pedic set is pushing around $ 8,000 or more, neither the company or the selling dealer want to dispose of the bedding to make a sale, so we don't offer returns on them. For dealers that do - read the fine print carefully if that is important to you. Handling and shipping costs for returns may equal the cost of the bedding in some cases.
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    I aspire to be Alex from post #5 haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by drcollie View Post
    I don't agree with Tony's Marketing of Royal Pedic in some respects. It would not be how I would run the company were I the owner, but that's his choice and I respect that.

    Royal Pedic has two lines.

    The Premier group is only available at Brick and Mortar Stores, not in the internet. Then he makes a de-contented version of that is called the Natural collection and that is what you are looking at on-line. The B&M dealers have access to it as well, but we never sell it. There is less of every component in the Natural line, from the quality fo the outer cover to the interior spring gauge of the steel. It looks - and is - a cheaper product than the Premier. I think this causes confusion, because in 2023 the first thing any consumer does is go to the internet to see what that pricing is like. Now they see a considerable disparity in price, thinking they are looking at the same product, but they are not. It's Apples to Oranges, not Apples to Apples. This makes the B&M dealer look bad, so they order on the internet, and what arrives does not look like what they saw and tried out in the store they went to.

    In the All Cotton bed series, everything offering they have is built around the base Cotton bed. You will see that most their beds are simply ones with the toppers sewn on top and bottom, either 3", 4" or 5" ones. That makes the mattresses VERY heavy and thicker. Why not just have a separate topper that you can remove? It makes is far easier to rotate and flip the mattress because you can pull the topper off and lay it on the floor when you do that three times a year. When they are sewn on, its a 2- man job to flip one. Plus the toppers will wear out faster than the mattress, so with a removable one, you can simply replace it in ten years with a new one. When they are sewn on, you have to replace the entire mattress.

    The Dream Series is an entirely different product, super luxury with a complex internal spring system. I have never sold one and probably never will as they are $ 20,000 and up. I am told they sleep wonderfully, however.

    Box Springs are 8" tall, the Standard All Cottom Mattress is appx 9" tall. Your bed frame may be too high for a box spring.

    This write-up is gold. If more companies had explanations and write-ups like this one about their product lines they would sell more product.

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