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    Good afternoon! We own a Bradington-Young Bancroft leather recliner that we purchased in 2011. Unfortunately, we have not taken the best care of it and the piece of leather in the back has torn thanks to our dog and the leather on the arms has worn and now has a hole on one arm. Is it worth trying to reupholster the recliner or just purchase a new one? Everything else about the recliner is in great condition!

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    It's too costly to recover in leather. You can have a local upholsterer do it in fabric for you and that will probably run around $ 1,100 or so depending on the fabric.

    I have new B-Y recliners in my store on closeout right now that would not be much more than that with the 20% off clearance - if you are local to the Wash DC area....
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    Thank you so much for replying! Unfortunately, we live in South Carolina, however you did get us thinking about a road trip to Virginia!

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    Go visit!! It’s the best thing we ever did as far as helping us make an educated decision about what to purchase!

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