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Thread: That's quite a price difference.....

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    Default That's quite a price difference.....

    I'm at my store 6 a.m. on a Sunday Morning trying to catch up, and see this ad popping up repeatedly from Google on my computer screen.

    After about twenty times seeing it, I decide to click into it as if I were to buy one. Surely that is going to be a SALE banner or discount as $ 5,950 seems a tad high. I put one in my shopping cart and go all the way to the checkout process before halting and the price doesn't change. Unsure if they charge shipping, one part says its computed, but there is no charge for shipping in the cart at checkout. That's an unknown.

    Then I look at my price for the same chair in Document Tobacco for example. $ 2,842. And you will have shipping delivery fees based on location. Lets say $ 350 for that on average. Landed cost around $ 3,200. That's a long ways from $ 5,950. I wonder if they actually sell any? Then again. they accept returns for 60 days which The Keeping Room does not. That may be important for some people so their price may reflect allowances for that. I notice they do not mention the manufacturer of the piece, but its in their item number "Item #: HMR1089-DO" which decodes to Hancock and Moore # 1089 Powell Recliner in Document leather and they use the H&M photos. You would have to be someone dedicated to track the piece down and I suppose many are not, just click and go instead.

    What a strange industry we have where you have that much of a delta in pricing variations for the same product. It's no wonder consumers are wary and don't know whom to trust, or what is a fair price for something. I suppose that Park Avenue address in New York City has something to do with their pricing structure, that cannot be an inexpensive property to maintain and operate from.
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    Default Re: That's quite a price difference.....

    The larger stores in high end areas often have higher overhead so that adds to the cost the consumer will pay. I know when I first started looking at a more local high end store the first sofa we priced with them after seeing it on the forum was close to 2k more than you quoted me. I didn’t contact them foe a quote before placing my order with The Keeping Room. I’m sure it would be substantially higher. I actually ordered through you due to your experience and knowledge. I’m sure you will be missed once you close.

    We are very excited about our new furniture.

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