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Thread: Last decision to make -- nails!

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    Default Last decision to make -- nails!

    I have finally settled on what I want -- the H&M #5635 Arrington in Keenan Toffee -- I thought I would be just fine with the standard A nails...then I started looking at pictures and went down a rabbit hole!

    I don't want gilt nails, that feels like too much attention, but I do want something that looks special/different... The rest of my house is decidedly not traditional -- I've got a lot of hot pinks, teals, and green in here -- but I think this piece is transitional enough to fit with a lot of different styles.

    I'm still leaning toward the standard nails, but should I go out on a limb and consider BK Black nickel? Or maybe H "antique?" Or even L "natural" (that one seems a little too dull...)

    I'll probably just circle back to the standard A nail and move on, I tend to get really hung up on one part for a minute and then make a decision and move on (fortunately I tend not to dwell) But if anyone has thoughts, let me know!

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    Default Re: Last decision to make -- nails!

    Keenan Toffee is dark, so if you want some pop out of the nails I would use the "A" nail. The black and natural colored nails will mostly disappear. And the gilt or the polished top ones won't look good. My second choice would be the Old Gold Nail.
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