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Thread: Bradington-Young Sectional and Recliner

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    Default Bradington-Young Sectional and Recliner

    Hello Duane,

    We decided to look at B-Y before making a final decision on the couch and recliners.

    We found a B-Y 4011 Barcelo recliner in 9575-69F leather, and an Arlington Sectional 110, which we would buy in the 95 sofa version in the same leather as the recliner. It's shown as a 110-79" on the sectional choice sheet, which I believe means the sofa is 79 inches wide.

    We've read your posts regarding the quality of the build and the H&M hand work, and after spending a lot to time looking at H&M pieces, we agree. The problem is one of comfort. The 1021 Wing chair fits us the best, and the price in Document Chestnut is unbeatable, but my wife doesn't care for the wing style chair. The H&M 7014 Perth is almost identical without the wings, but it wasn't on your Town and Country spreadsheet for 2010, so the cost is probably $1000 per recliner higher. The B-Y 4011 is similar without the bustle back.

    Would you give us a quote on the B-Y sofa and recliner, and on the H&M 7014 Perth in Document Chestnut?

    The B-Y 9575-69F leather feels and looks almost exactly the same as the Document Chestnut. It's a finished leather as is the Doc C, so we don't see much difference in the leather (We aren't very experienced in leather buying so there's probably more there than meets our eye.). It looks like it's going to come down to build quality and price.

    We saw a B-Y couch with Nubuck seating. It was very attractive, but I don't think it would hold up very well in my house. Nice to look at but maintaining it might be a problem.

    Thanks Duane for any information you can provide.

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    Default Re: Bradington-Young Sectional and Recliner

    Hi Jack,

    Sure, be glad to. Not sure where you live so shipping costs can't be determined without a city/state.

    Bradington Young:

    # 9575 is a Class 2 leather, so that makes the BY price out at:

    # 4011 Recliner: $ 1,175

    # 110-95 Sofa: $ 2,099

    H&M # 7014 in grade 2 leather: $ 2,394

    Its not uncommon for a BY leather to feel and look like a similar leather from H&M, or even another company. All leathers are carried by a broker, and taken to the various accounts in a sales presentation. Most are not unique to one upholstery maker. So H&M can buy that leather and call it DOCUMENT, and B-Y can buy the same leather and call it 9575 series. I've seen a few leathers that cross over from various makers.

    Nubuk is nothing more than Suede leather, made from the splits. Like a pair of Hush Puppie shoes, you can't clean those hides, so one has to consider lifestyle habits before plunging into Nubucks. I really like them, however. My next leather chair I buy for my house will have some Nubuck on the cushions. It feel better than any other cover, bar none. Its just not something you would eat upon, or sit in with dirty clothes.
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    Default Re: Bradington-Young Sectional and Recliner

    Thanks Duane,

    You gave us the shipping costs previously. I assume you're using a carrier that brings the furniture in the house and doesn't just leave it in the drive way. I've had both kinds of delivery.

    I agree about the care of the nubuck. It's not the most durable leather and it's not easy to clean, but it looks great on the seating surface, and like you said, it feels great to sit on. I think I would buy it if the cusions were covered on both sides so I could flip them over. Unfortunately cushions on leather furniture are only covered on one side. I bet they would really slide around if both sides were leather and there was no velcro.

    My first set of leather furniture that I got 35 years ago didn't have velcro and the cushions had to be pushed back in frequently. But I loved that furniture.

    I hope you have a properous New Year!

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