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    Default Floor Stock Video

    The quality on the YouTube video is not great, but it is posted on Facebook and Instagram at higher quality!



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    Daughter Sarah came in today and did a full-store video after our move upstairs. It took us all week to get the upstairs presentable and we didn't finish until 10 a.m this morning. EVERYTHING MUST GO. I'm serious about that! Of course, I won't accept ridiculous offers on pieces because I am not desperate to move a piece far below dealer cost - but I can tell you that you will never have the chance to buy brand-new high quality pieces at these prices. Even the Display TV in the video is for sale (55" Smart TV for $ 150!).

    If you come to the store, remember to enter up the opposite side of the building - you will have one flight of stairs to climb. 8405-B unit. We are running deliveries every Saturday and are booked pretty solid.

    Remember - we do not accept American Express. Your best price will always be Check/Cash as every credit card carries processing fees.

    I have not been able to get my phones upstairs, we are on an internet based line which is all located downstairs. For the short time we will be upstairs, its not worth trying to route Eithernet to the upper unit. If calling, you WILL get a Voice mail and I will walk downstairs twice a day to check messages. I am porting the store number to my cell phone, but that may take another week to complete. Email is the best way to contact the store.
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