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Thread: Loading Swivel Chair into an SUV

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    Default Loading Swivel Chair into an SUV

    Wanted to get advice on picking up our H&M Boho Swivel Chair tomorrow.

    I might have to take the chair out of the packaging but am hoping to leave it factory sealed until I get it home.

    Is there any issue with laying a swivel chair down on it's back when it is still sealed in the H&M factory packaging? Will that damage the swivel mechanism? Will the weight of the swivel damage the chair in that position?

    Only have to go about a mile and a half from delivery point to my home.

    Thanks for any advice!

    Can't wait to see this beauty!

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    Default Re: Loading Swivel Chair into an SUV

    The main thing to watch for is cutting the cardboard with a blade, you don't want to plunge too deep and cut the leather (yes, it happens). What I usually do is cut the top of the box off entirely (the chair sits way below the top). Then I can look inside once the top is off and see how close the chair is to the four vertical edges. I will pick one of those vertical edges then slice that top to bottom to splay the box, then literally kick the box off the staples with my foot on all four sides. Now I have the chair still fully vac-wrapped and in the tray. That's how I haul them, in the tray with the plastic on, or fully boxed. Many SUV's are not tall enough to do this, so you may have to take it all the way out of the tray and plastic, in which case you simply lay a furniture pad on the floor of your SUV and slide it in, but I am not really a fan of laying expensive furniture down on its side and pushing it in.

    If your vehicle is not large enough, don't force it. Run to Home Depot and grab one of their transit trucks, they are very inexpensive for a one hour rental and that way you can leave it fully boxed. I've seen customers do heavy damage to their new leather Hancock and Moore pieces by forcing them into too-small SUV's and wagons. I own two SUV's and don't haul any furniture in them, I find them difficult to load into and awkward, and hard on one's back unless you have something like a Tahoe or Excursion where they can stand upright. You have a chair that cost $ 3K or more, what's $ 20 for a Home Depot truck rental to avoid damage to either your body or the chair? I will haul with my open pickup truck though, because I can still leave it upright and in the packing.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Loading Swivel Chair into an SUV

    Great stuff Duane. Thank you!

    Super tip with the Home Depot truck...not sure how I didn't know about that offering lol...don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish!!

    I'll post pictures once the chair is set up!


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