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Thread: 6408-s boho swivel chair

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    Default 6408-s boho swivel chair

    Received our absolute gem of a chair and have really been enjoying it. Our first piece outside of the Your Way and Town and Country programs....Truly another level of craftsmanship and just stunning to see every morning. The paneling is incredible...only two stitch lines on the top of each arm that are beautifully incorporated into the design of the chair...the back, the side, the front are all one solid panel and it just boggles the mind. The swivel mechanism is rock solid as is the entire build quality.

    Primary leather is Remington Emerald burnished
    Nile Croc on arm panels
    Hyde Park Brownie Patina on Gimps and Welts
    Ultra down Seat
    Black pearl nail trim

    We saw this chair (in Remington Sapphire) while in Hickory visiting the factory and were just blown away by it's beauty. I will say the Sapphire may be a little nicer in the way it contrasts to the HP Brownie but the Emerald has more warmth to it and fits our room's color scheme perfectly. And this Remington leather...oh man...the hand is just perfect. I don't know if it's the design of the chair with the tight back and the lack of seams but this is my favorite burnished leather. I have read elsewhere on the forum that burnished is burnished and they all feel about the same...idk...I have been sitting in the different burnished leathers we have (HP Earth, HP Brownie Lightly burnished, and Weston Cane) and I just feel like this Remington has a slightly thicker weight too it then the Weston Cane but the same glove like smoothness of the HP. It's hard to put into words...but I wish they made the Remington in some earth tones so we could get that on a sofa!

    Anyways...thank you to Duane for help picking the nails (BP is subtle and elegant) and getting the excellent palate shipping organized for us.


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    Default Re: 6408-s boho swivel chair

    I love the way the Boho sits, its so comfortable, a "natural" feeling chair you can just drop into and enjoy. A lot of chairs you can't really sit in very long, you start fidgeting in 20 minutes or so. The Boho is one of those rare designs that you can spend and entire evening in with friends and family and not be uncomfortable. It's a difficult chair to sell without a floor model, however. I used to bring one in and it would always sell in a few weeks time - then I would forget to re-order one!

    Thank you for your purchases over the years! I appreciate the business and the loyalty. The High Point Market is going on right now, so it won't be long before Hancock and Moore posts their new designs for Spring 2024......
    Duane Collie
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