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Thread: Kittinger Gainsborough Mahogany Secretary Desk

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    Question Kittinger Gainsborough Mahogany Secretary Desk

    I apologize if Iím posting this in the wrong area - Iím brand new to this siteÖ

    Iím hoping to get some information on this desk. I obtained it from an ex-boyfriend who owed me some money and gave this to me in exchange. It took me awhile to find out what it is but I learned it is a Kittinger Gainsborough Mahogany Secretary Desk. It appears to be in decent shape with very few flaws other than from standard use. The only flaws Iíve noticed are a very small ding on the underside of the fold out desktop which is shown when the desktop is closed. Also, a small amount of felt is missing from one of the pullout arms that the desktop rests on when open. And, the prongs that the shelves sit on in the cupboard are missing but I do have the shelves. Otherwise, to me it looks to be in good shape. My ex boyfriends grandparents were the original owners.

    Iíve seen them pop up on eBay a few times since Iíve owned it and it sold for as little as $1250 and as much as $1850. I also saw one sell from the Goodwill for $850.

    Iíve sent pictures to a couple buyers and had no luck - mostly because they didnít have a market for it or they were too far away for only one item. But one buyer indicated that it appeared to have been refinished. I donít see any evidence of refinishing but Iím not sure I would know. How could I tell? In the pictures provided, I had just oiled it so Iím not sure if that contributed to his suggestion or notÖ

    I would like to find out as much info as anyone can provide. All info is helpful and greatly appreciated. Also, where would be a good place to sell it..?Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Kittinger Gainsborough Mahogany Secretary Desk

    Kittinger is specialized furniture, and there are experts in the line that can tell you more than I can. I would send your photo set to them (you will need more detailed photos) and see what they would offer. Refinishing is usually pretty easy to see from in-person inspection and it doesn't really hurt the value if its done tight. I can't tell from those photos. First, find out what you have and the demand tor it. Here is one of those companies you can contact.

    $ 850 is way too cheap from what I know. Good luck!
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