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Thread: Aren't these the same fabrics?

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    Default Aren't these the same fabrics?

    Hi everyone. I love patterned fabrics, especially this Simone print from Pottery Barn:

    I think this is the same fabric on a chair - what do you think?

    And here it is again, on pillows. Originally there was a settee in the same fabric and unfortunately it has already been sold, but you can see a glimpse of it in the corner of the photo:

    Same one or not?

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    Default Re: Aren't these the same fabrics?

    Looks like the same to me....not surprising, Mills sell a particular fabric to a number of wholesale accounts.

    The pattern match on the Pottery Barn photo is horrid. I can't believe that they use that as a model, or that it got past their quality control department. Missed by a mile.
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    Default Re: Aren't these the same fabrics?

    On the duvet cover? I think it's the seams but yes, you're right - another example of poor Pottery Barn quality.

    I think I missed my calling as a fabric buyer for an upholstery company!

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