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Thread: Taylor King fabric grades

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    Default Taylor King fabric grades

    I sent Duane a PM about a price quote for a fabric sectional, but I thought my new questions might be useful for other forum participants as well.

    The fabrics I asked Duane about were Grade 20. How many grades of fabric does Taylor King have? Also, are the lower numbered fabric grades lower in price like with leather? What types of things (e.g., combination of material) puts a fabric into a higher grade?

    Does Taylor King have a program similar to the H&M Town and Country? Is there such a thing as a married cover on Taylor King pieces?

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Default Re: Taylor King fabric grades

    Grades are pricing grades, not quality grades. Important to keep that in mind. Currency exchanges can affect the price of a cover as much as material content.

    Taylor King grades start at GR 12 (least costly) and go up by '2's to GR 58 published in the price book, and there are some specialty fabrics that are above and beyond that.

    They don't have a married cover program, but their 'value' program is called "Kings' Road". The only difference in Kings Road is the frames are pre-made and cannot be customized.
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