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    I came across this website while trying to learn more about Windsor chair design and construction. I thought it was pretty neat - especially the section where they step through the process of making a Windsor chair. Just thought I'd pass it along...

    Windsor Chair Resources

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    Wow. That's Hard-Core. Great slide show....I know a few guys that make chairs that way, but they're largely un-affordable, about $ 1,500 per chair when all done straight off the log like that. But that's the way you do it. The two keys in all that (should you ever want to buy a handmade windsor chair and test the claim of handmade) is to 1) See if the leg turnings vary. They will if all done one at a time, by hand. If all four are perfectly done and perfectly matched, they were done on a duplicator. 2) The spokes of the chair, in the back, will have ridges on them you can feel if you run your hands along them. That's the sign of a hand-hewn spindle. Most windsors will have smoothly round spindles.
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