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Thread: Crate & Barrel and H&M Sofas

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    Default Crate & Barrel and H&M Sofas

    Hi Duane,
    We missed you while you were on vacation and are glad you had a good time. With all the effort you put into the forum and your store/orders, you probably need to take more vacations.

    I am considering helping my daughter and her husband, who live in Richmond, purchase a leather sofa. We visited Crate and Barrel last weekend and they fell in love with one of C&B's sofas. I'm not going to help them buy "junk". This sofa is similar to H&M's City, Savant and Campaign sofa styles except they really like having only 2 back and 2 seat cushions instead of three. No nail trim.

    Here are my questions:
    (1) Can this be made with 2 back and 2 seat cushions?
    (2) Which sofas are in the T&C program?
    (3) What price range would we be conservatively looking at? (They are interested in either brown or black protected leathers.)

    I will send you a PM for question (3)

    Again, WELCOME BACK.

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    Default Re: Crate & Barrel and H&M Sofas

    It was GREAT to get away! I didn't check my email or the forum even once! <G>. Now I'm swamped at work though (to be expected) and slow in replying and follow ups. Will take me a few days to get sorted out and back to normal speed. As you can see, I'm doing most my forum replies from home this evening.....


    1) Yes, but you are going to pay a custom charge for pattern changes. I'd not recommend it not only for that reason, but the large the surface area of the cushions, the more you are going to see stretch 'puddles' as the piece ages. And replacement cores will be much more difficult to get if ever needed.

    2) Current T&C program is here:

    3) Will get you pricing in the PM !
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