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Thread: Logo on Leather Furnture - What do you think?

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    Default Logo on Leather Furnture - What do you think?

    I'm working on a project for an office building using leather furniture in the lobby. I'm sure that people will be curious who makes it, as its going to sit better than what they have in their home in most cases. I got to thinking....why not have the manufacturer's name done in modest embroidery as a logo on the rear back lower panel? Every car going down the road has logos on it, so do a lot of clothes (Polo, Abercrombie, etc). Show who makes it! Before I present that to the suppliers as a suggestion, take the poll and let me know what you think? Here's a crude Photoshop rendering of what I have envisioned (look at lower right corner of the back)

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    Default Re: Logo on Leather Furnture - What do you think?

    Once this practice is started who will police the knock-off scam artists from using the name/logo on whatever they are passing off as quality pieces?

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    Default Re: Logo on Leather Furnture - What do you think?

    I've never liked logos on the outside of things. Can't avoid it with cars, but I'll walk away from other stuff.

    Just make sure that the label under the seat is easy to access. In a long piece you might want more that the usual single one. I wouldn't hesitate to look under a cushion, but I might feel a little conspicuous lifting all of them.

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    Default Re: Logo on Leather Furnture - What do you think?

    I think the deck label is sufficient. Considering that only a very small percentage of the public is even slightly aware of the various furniture brands, I think an embossed logo would be mostly confusing. The only exception I might make is when a particular item has been personally created by a well-known designer. In that case it could be like a signature on a work of art.

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    Default Re: Logo on Leather Furnture - What do you think?

    Hey, Jeff. You answered but forgot to vote in the poll at the top of the thread.

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