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Thread: Other Hobbies?

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    Yes, and the prep conditioner before it. Good catch, knowing the brand of car! I use Ceramic coating on my other vehicles but this one gets wax.....
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    Oh, cooking is my second life. I really love to create something tasty

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    Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies ever but I feel like recently I have losts my spark. I tried to get into it after 2 years of not cooking for myself and actually just misirabally failed after I couldnt decide between a striploin steak or a sirloin steak. I found out they are both actually almost the same thing after hours of reading about it. Finally smokekitchen's sirloin vs striploin came in handy.

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    I like to cook too, though I'm no master at it. Still enjoy trying new things. I'll snap the occasional photo. Casual bike rides are definitely on my list, as well as other outdoorsy type of things like disc golf, hiking, camping. I tend to bounce around with my interests but I definitely try to focus on things that get me out of the house/office. Also, I think AZJoe's is the place to go for food after BJJ practice (did that for about a year too).

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