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Thread: Sofa Advice for New Home - Living Room?

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    Default Sofa Advice for New Home - Living Room?

    We will be moving to a retirement community in 6-12 months and are looking to replace our older furniture. After much research (and lots of help from this forum!), we've settled on Hancock and Moore.

    I'm attempting to settle on a sofa for our living room. Here's what I'm looking for in this sofa:
    1. Comfort for guests, including older individuals (remember this is a retirement community).
    2. Comfort for my husband and me, because this is probably room where we will watch TV. We might be purchasing new chair (maybe recliner?) for my husband, giving me the entire sofa. If that happens, I'd like couch where I could prop up next to armrest (with pillow) and recline to watch TV.
    3. Attractive from the back of sofa - this sofa will float in the room, with the back being almost immediately visible as your enter our new home.
    4. Upholstery, not leather. We love leather, but have one chair covered in leather and our dining room chairs have leather seats, and I just am feeling like more leather would be a bit too much - especially since we'll be in a smaller living space.

    We are leaning toward the following Hancock and Moore styles: Lena, Metro, Restoration, Lennon, Campaign, Jordan, Studio, Dixon.

    Does anyone have advice/guidance/suggestions about which Hancock and Moore style might best fit our needs?

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    Default Re: Sofa Advice for New Home - Living Room?

    Jennie - thanks for the advice! I'm the original poster and you're the first person to respond!

    I had to laugh at your advice to not "buy a sofa on impulse". Look at the date of my original post - April. It's now November and we still haven't bought our sofa! I'm certainly not an impulse buyer.

    As I said in the post, we're moving to a retirement community. We still haven't been offered a cottage, so we don't know the exact floor plan. That's one of the reasons we're holding on the actual purchase. We've chosen the Metro for our living space. It's smaller and will fit in almost any space. We're considering the York sofa for our den space.

    My challenge now is fabric choice. I need to coordinate with existing pieces (not matching, just making sure they even go together!) - but I don't know what I'm taking until we know an exact floor plan.

    Lots of decisions. No impulses here!

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    Default Re: Sofa Advice for New Home - Living Room?

    "Jennie" was a spammer, using canned, generic responses spread around the forum to get her link to her tile company noticed. Jenny now sleeps with the digital fishes.

    I almost never reply to 'comfort' questions because that's a totally subjective question similar to 'what ice cream flavor is best?' The only correct answer is "the one that you like", in both upholstery comfort and ice cream.

    Good luck in your search!
    Duane Collie
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