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Thread: Journey Sectional in Yardley Cognac

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    Default Journey Sectional in Yardley Cognac

    Here are the overdue photos of our new H&M Journey sectional (#'s 1724 LAQ & 1723 RAQ) in Yardley Cognac with Java wood finish and "A" nails along with our new Campaign Cocktail Ottoman (# 072) made up with Imperial Whiskey on the upper and Ryan Chestnut on the lower, also with the Java finish and "A" Nails. The sectional has the Ultra Down seat cushions and the ottoman was dropped 1" for comfort.

    We chose the Yardley Cognac for its hand and finish. We wanted a leather that would wear well and which I wouldn't stress about every little scratch and scuff. We have two ferrets, one of which is still young enough to climb everything and she does get on the sofa and ottoman. Our horse-in-dog's-clothing Lab-mix dog would lounge on our old chenille upholstered sleeper bed as the, uh, perfume would attest. She has not had one bit of interest in getting on new leather furniture (perhaps a little too close to "home" for comfort?), I don't think we could coax her on even if we wanted to (we don't) nor has she shown any interest in mouthing/licking/chewing the new furniture.

    The photos are overdue as we took delivery, in a light rain no less, from Sun Delivery in early-March but I didn't want to embarrass us by showing our lovely sheets as drapes <sarcasm> that we've had in place for over two years since our window replacement project. We received our new drapes Thursday and we got all the final tweaking done a few hours ago. Now we're real grown-ups with real drapes and real furniture!!

    Two of the attached photos show close-ups of the finish of the Yardley Cognac, including some scratches from the nails of the "Look where I can climb, Mommy!" ferret (for some strange reason, the fourth photo is rotated 90 degrees, which shows the scratches). I'm not stressed about it in the least bit, although I must admit that I did suck my breath in when my DH "decided" to anoint the sofa with beer when he nodded off...when we'd had the sofa for less than 24 hours <sigh> No biggie, just grabbed a towel and wiped her harm, no foul (and yes, he does still live <wink>).

    Happy, happy us. Well worth the wait, even with the modest 3 week delay.


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    Default Re: Journey Sectional in Yardley Cognac

    I am looking for a sectional and am wanting to buy H&M Journey sectional 1724 LAQ and 1723 RAQ. could you price those for me in Grades 2, 3 and 4? I have read many posts about leather grades, protected vs unprotected and will seek your further advice after the pricing. thanks, Patti Miller

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    Default Re: Journey Sectional in Yardley Cognac

    Hi Patti, I think you sent an email as well, quoted in that....thanks
    Duane Collie
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