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Thread: Class 5 continental sable unprotected

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    Default Class 5 continental sable unprotected

    I have made a choice of this leather for a sofa. I am looking for anyone who has experience with this leather from hancock & moore on any item.
    It is beautiful leather, but an unprotected leather.

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    Continental is fantastic, as good as leather as one can buy. It has a 'pressed' natural finish which is very unique. Yes, its 'unprotected', but all of your finer leathers will be as well. "Protected" simply means a clear topcoat is shot like paint over the top of the leather, and when you want the look and feel of a luxury hide that's not what you want. Granted, it may soak up some motor oil, or ammonia if you spill chemicals on it, but not many people buying at that price level are apt to do that.

    FYI, Unprotected hides are all I buy for myself. In 20 years of having unprotected leathers in my house, raising two kids on them and lots of dogs - never a permanent stain.
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